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Acute Suppurative Otitis Media (Ear discharge)

August 29, 2012  by: Nupur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 1095

This article on Acute suppurative otitis media will make you aware of the causes of ear discharge ( otorrhoea). Signs and symptoms, precautions to be taken and management of the ailment is well compiled in this article. Read to know more about pain in the ear.


What is Acute Suppurative Otitis Media (ASOM)?

Acute suppurative otitis media can be defined as a discharge from the middle ear in an infant, child or adult. The patient may experience this since 2-3 days. Acute suppurative otitis media generally occurs in children in the age group 6-10 years, though adults are also victim to it. Acute suppurative otitis media results due to infection of the middle ear and can be of two types:
  • Infective acute suppurative otitis media

  • Non-infective acute suppurative otitis media

Signs and symptoms of Acute suppurative otitis media

  • The patient may complain of discharge, discomfort, pain and difficulty in hearing associated with pain in the affected ear. ( infective acute suppurative otitis media)

  • At times, the patient may not complain of any pain but discomfort due to discharge.(non-infective acute suppurative otitis media)

  • Fever is a chief complain occurring since 1-2 days.

  • Patient may complain of itching in the affected ear.

  • At rare occasions, the patient may complain of swelling in the affected ear and difficulty in eating or chewing food due to severe pain.

What causes Acute suppurative otitis media

  • Acute suppurative otitis media is caused by several bacteria:
    1. Beta haemolytic streptococcus bacteria
    2. Haemophylus influenzae bacteria
    3. Morazella catarrhalis bacteria

  • Poor sanitation and bad hygiene is the chief cause of acute suppurative otitis media.

  • Ill health, compromised immunity may be a causative factor. Malnourished infants and children are usually affected by it.

  • Children and people suffering from chronic rhino-sinusitis usually get victim to this ailment.

  • Congenital defect or congenital dysfunction of Eustachian tube may be a prime cause.

Clinical findings in Acute suppurative otitis media

  • Accumulation of pus in the middle ear, discharge is generally mucopurulent in nature.

  • Conductive deafness ( hearing loss) can be noticed. It can progress if treatment is delayed.

  • Pain is an evident feature. It is due to the accumulation of mucopurulent discharge.

  • Pyrexia ( fever) is a feature associated with this ailment, at times patients suffer from high fever ( depending upon the severity of the infection).

  • Patient may have a history of chronic sinusitis, chronic rhino-sinusitis or other chronic respiratory tract diseases.

  • In rare cases, perforation of the tympanic membrane can be found associated with otorrhoea.

Precautions to avoid Acute suppurative otitis media

  • Personal hygiene and sanitation should be taken care of.

  • Awareness of health and nutrition should be spread.

  • Complications like chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, allergy, upper respiratory tract and chest diseases should be given symptomatic treatment. Tonsils, hypertrophied adenoids, cleft palates and congenital defects and dysfunctions should be appropriately managed.

  • Bathing in ponds and rivers water should be avoided. Patients interested in swimming should take fitness certificate from the treating ENT consultants before wearing their swimming costumes.

Management of Acute suppurative otitis media

  • Patients are advised to take the medications only after consultation with an expert ENT consultant.

  • Patient is advised to keep the affected ear dry. The discharge should be mopped with cotton. Swimming is restricted till the treatment is not complete.

  • Paracetamol tablets are generally prescribed to the adult patients for relief from pain.( Ibuprofen may be prescribed in severe ear-ache, the dose depends on the severity of the ailment in adult patients)

  • Antibiotic Ear-drops can be prescribed depending upon the degree of the bacterial infection.

  • Antibiotic Amoxycillin is the drug of choice as it covers all the types of pathogens.( dosage depends upon the age and severity of the ailment) Doxycycline is equally good in healing the ailment.

  • Chlorpheniramine may be given to the patients who are victim to chronic rhino-sinusitis for faster relief ( dose depends upon the age and severity of the disease).

  • Rest and proper medications for 8-10 days relieves the patient of all the discomforts caused by acute suppurative otitis media.

  • In case the patient does not show good response, he/she should be hospitalized under an expert ENT consultant.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Take care and enjoy life.


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