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Independence: Are we happy now?

August 29, 2012  by: U. A. Kiran  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 672

On 15th August, we have celebrated our independence. After 65 years of Independence, are we really happy?


On 15th August, we have celebrated our independence. After 65 years of Independence, are we really happy? With computers, mobile phones, and other gadgets around us, we might have lots of fun than our grandfathers.

But have we ever thought of taking account our 65 years of Independence? We have gained independence from British rule, but poverty, discrimination and division would continue rule our nation. We have fought the British rule for Independence and now we have to fight against our own people for everything.

There would be inflation and recession. There would be more potholes on roads than wells. Water would flood the roads due to poor drainage system during the rainy season. There would be water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution. Garbage would make way to the nearest corner of our house due to poor garbage disposal system. There would be more power-cut and deficiency of water supply. We would have to bribe the government officials to make them do our work. Ransoms would be made to pay; there would be fight over property, will and money. Terrorists would attack when we sleep.

Have we thought of this price of Independence? Why we are paying this price even when we have independence to do what we want. Most likely, what we see now in present India is the consequence of independence to do what we want. And we are not choosing our action correctly. The action that was during the British rule is different from the action that we do now. During the British rule, our common action was to fight against the foreign rule and free India, which we ultimately have done sacrificing our lives for Mother India, but now we do not have any common action towards the development of our nation. One thinks about oneself independently. Even we are the part of a nation, each one of us is independently alone.


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