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Is the Yellow Yolk of Egg a Killing Villain?

August 30, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Food & Drinks    Views: 583

Eating egg has been a popular choice for mankind for millennia. Egg contains the egg white (albumen), and egg yolk (vitellus), contained within various thin membranes. It is considered to be a nutritious food. But studies say that the yolk of the egg is dangerous for health. Is it true?


Egg has been man’s easily accessible food for millennia. It is the common man’s nutritious food. It has been a source of protein, potassium, and many vitamins. Since egg contains most of the nutritious minerals and vitamins, needed for human energy, it is considered as the packed powerhouse of human beings.

There have been serious uproars against eating eggs, since the egg yolk is said to lead to many serious diseases. Most of the researches say that the white part of the egg is good and the yellow yolk accelerates atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems. If it is the case, should we avoid yellow yolk completely?

Why do they say that “the Yellow Yolk of Egg is a Killing Villain”?

1) Recent study by Dr. David Spence of Western University, Canada, and his team found that regular consumption of egg yolks is about two-thirds as bad as smoking since it causes increased build-up of carotid plaque, which causes stroke and heart attack. Plaques aggravate cholesterol and causes atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular ailments.

2) Another study says that eggs play a pivotal role in some female reproductive diseases including fibroid tumors, uterine cysts, breast cancer and tumors, and menstrual irregularities, because of the sterilization process of commercial eggs.

Is the Yellow Yolk of Egg a Killing Villain?

1) Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of the east, says that even the the divine food (Amrit) becomes a poison when it is consumed in excess. It is fitting to the consumption of eggs also. Egg yolk, consumed in a limit, can help for health. Even honey, which is said to be the panacea for many ailments becomes poison beyond limits.

2) It is wise to analyze the parameter the scientists use for their research. Some studies say egg is a wholesome food and is good for all. Some special cases have adverse results. Hence it is diligent to find out how it is helpful to every individual’s health.

3) Commercialism and consumerism play a lot of tricks to promote business and monopolize markets.

4) The best solution for all these is to follow the principle of moderation. Another study by the above mentioned Dr. Spence and his team revealed that those who were eating three or more yolks a week had significantly more plaque area than those who ate two or fewer yolks per week.

5) Another solution for this yolk problem is to follow some exercises that help digestion. It is because the calories are not burnt properly, cholesterol and other harmful effects build up in the body


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