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Effects of technology on teenagers.

September 01, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 814

This article deals the relation of teenagers with modern technologies. The wide range of problems that surfaces with the usage of these technologies need to be dealt by parents with a cool mind. It is high time for the parents to be their child''s friend so that they could have better control on things and be able to protect their child from the evil side of technology.



Nowadays, the advancement in technologies is worth noticing. Like any other thing it has a good side as well as an evil side associated with it. E-mails, social networking sites and latest gadgets like mobile phones and I-pads has brought the world very close. But the downside is that it has also brought along with it different kinds of problems and risks to the kids.

Technology and teens

One cannot stop the advancement of technology and it will pave its own way because of the wide range of advancements associated with it. I still remember when computer came in for the first time it had its own criticism and even got unnoticed by the masses. But then one have to accept this fact that as of now that not only did it came but also won the heart of the millions. Hence, the so called problems that we hear about teenagers getting affected with technologies and facing problems in life should be dealt in another way. It would not be an appropriate thing to blame technology for this.

TV Vs Social networking sites

Still today I firmly believe in the fact that in our country if one compares the ratio of children that remain engaged with social networking sites are further less in comparison to those with television shows. The problems that are associated with watching televisions by kids is still not curbed down totally. The type of advertisements that are shown on televisions are good enough to affect the teens and their minds.

Serials are equally responsible along with advertisements

According to the surveys, the amount of sex and violence that get telecast-ed through serials and movies on televisions, hardly any other medium does so to that extent. But does that mean that youngsters should not be allowed to watch television? Of course, they will watch! The only problem is that most of the parents does not even know what kind of serials their kids are watching on television. If parents could watch television together with their kids then only they will understand what their youngsters are watching and if those have any adverse affect on their children.

Should children be made to watch television at fixed hours only everyday?

Of course, in case of small children it really works if parents fix a particular time everyday for their children to watch television. Parents should be prudent enough to choose such a time when the programs and serials does not have much affect on the children. For this the parents have to work a bit and find out which programs are suitable for their kids. It would be better if parents could take out time to watch television together with their children. Besides, nowadays, there is the facility to lock channels. Those channels which are harmful for the viewing of kids should be locked by their parents.

Internet and kids

To expand one's knowledge and to find out suitable answers there is hardly any better alternative than internet. But the problem is that most of the time when one opens internet then there are certain pop-up images which are not suitable for the children. Besides, there are certain adults sites also which gives a wrong impression to the innocent minds of the kids. But yes, this could be stopped. With the help of a computer technician parents could stop this from appearing on the screens of the computer. But then to a certain extent it is OK with the teenagers as they get exposed to certain other things of life. How can parents stop a child from looking at the big hoardings at the side of the road with models half exposed?

Better half of the social networking sites

There are certain advantages of social networking sites which no one can deny. Suppose, those of us who are introvert and lone in their life social networking sites are the only way to meet and interact with friends. Normally, some people are shy or have some problem to say happy birth day face to face but with social networking sites they can do that with ease. Besides, chatting also helps in removing loneliness. Even those who are friendless in real life could end up having a long list of friends through these social networking sites. This also helps those teens who are shy to become more social and caring by nature. It has been found out that those teens who are extrovert takes less interest in social networking sites but the introvert ones are very much interested with these sites.

Evils of social networking sites

There are also certain evils or disadvantages of social networking sites. These sites lead to addictions among kids for video games. Video games cannot be an alternative for outdoor games. Outdoor games are very essential for the growing kids. Addiction of video games has an adverse affect on the health and well being of the kids. Those kids who are affected with the social networking sites get poor marks in exams. Those who are involved with social networking sites face problems of anxiety and depressions.

Awareness among children

Parents should aware the children about the various dangers that are involved with the usage of social networking sites. Parents should explain the children that if they do s ms to unknown person or receive sms form unknown person it could be that unknown person could be a criminal. In that case if police catches such a person the others who are in contact with such a person would also be in problem. Further parents should also explain their children that they should not try to meet an unknown person personally because if they does so they may be in problem. Parents should also explain that one can hide one's identity in social networking sites and a profile with a girl's picture may not necessary be a girl or vice-verse. Hence, it is not good to be emotional with such contacts of social networking sites. One should never reveal one's personal information in these sites.

Most of the parents are not computer friendly

Those who are parents of teens now, most of them does not know computer properly. The fear that is set in their minds of the parents could have been easily erased once they themselves participated in these sites. It's high time to be friendly with the kids and once you have a good relation with your kids then you will not have to keep a keen eye on them or on their activities. They themselves will relate or share with you everything. You just need to build a good and trustful relationship with them and be rest assured that the rest will follow naturally the way you want things to be.


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