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Fat Burning Carbs

September 02, 2012  by: prithiviputra  Points: 6   Category: Health  Earning $0.08   Views: 636

This article gives a short account of the foods that are rich in fats that burn fat.


Carbohydrate-lovers have every reason to feel happy and glad about the availability of many carb laden foods that are capable of burning fat to a great extent. Inclusion of one or more of these foods in your diet can do a world of good to your mission of reducing weight. You might wonder what these fat burning carbs are.

It is interesting to know that bananas are great sources of carbs that go a long way in bringing about weight loss. You can try recipes such as banana corn muffins and banana maple smoothie. Oatmeal certainly assists you in arresting your appetite since it is rich in fiber too. Your craving for more food naturally comes down by the regular consumption of oatmeal.

White beans with spinach can be very effective when it comes to burning fat. Potatoes and lentils can help you to burn fat very fast. As a lover of potato-prepared foods you can be very glad to know that potato though a rich source of carbs goes a long way in burning your fat. Potatoes can be taken in the roasted form as well. Plantain is considered a great fat burning carb-laden food.

It is important to know that pasta made of whole wheat goes a long way in reducing the fat content in your body. Whole wheat pasta with mushrooms can be a good combination to try if you are interested in burning your extra fat. Finally brown rice is also a great fat burning carb-laden food to rely upon particularly if you are intent on burning your fat. Resistant starch is the secret of fat burning carbs. It is believed that resistant starch cuts down your craving for more food and helps you to eat less. It thus helps you burn more calories in the process.


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