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The Five Fatal Ss You Can Avoid

September 02, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 17   Category: Health    Views: 600

They start from you. You initiate them. They are fatal since they cause you death. These five capital Ss are the most dangerous for your life. Try to avoid them for your well being.


Beware of these Five capital Ss. These five Ss start from you. If you are careful to avoid them, you can survive well in your life. These five Ss are: Stress, Spirit, Sex abuse, Selfish greed and Smoking. You create them. You can avoid them. But if you become a victim to them, they lead you to your dead end. These five Ss are interconnected and speed up your life towards the end.

1) Stress leads you to death

Stress is the spice of life. It gives the necessary excitement in life. It is almost impossible to live without some stress. But when it goes out of control, it may harm your health and the whole life. Most of the situations that go beyond control are created by yourself. They affect your body and mind. There is no need to explain in detail all the adverse results of stress. You could have avoided them if you try. Majority of life's stressful situations can be reduced with proper awareness, practice, and discipline. Find out which activities that unintentionally stress your body out unnecessarily and relax by avoiding them.

2) Spirit(alcohol)

Excess consumption of spirit or alcohol is poisonous to human systems. It is considered as a drug. Reports say that millions abuse alcohol and die as a result. Alcohol is a factor in more than half of the deaths that occur crimes, homicides, suicides, and traffic accidents. It kills not only individuals but also families and societies. Chronic alcoholism is potentially a fatal disease.
Addiction to spirit or alcohol may start as a fun. But as long as you control this fatal S, you can enjoy a healthy life.

3) Selfish greed

Selfishness makes one greedy. It is the root cause of all calamities in the world. It leads to all vices and killings. Why world Wars and terrorism? All have their roots in selfish greed. Selfish people kill others because of their greed. They never mind about others. But their selfishness has never let them live peacefully. They end their lives in depression and disappointment.
Whether it is described as narcissism or egoism, selfishness is always dangerous to individuals as well as others. It does not let one to live peacefully. Selfishness cannot provide happiness or peace of mind which is necessary for a healthy life. Beware of this fatal S and be sure that it will wipe the smiles from others and also your own happiness.

5) Smoking

Smoking is also an acquired S. Dangers of smoking are seen everywhere in the fatal diseases such as cancer, etc. Puffing pleasure of this fatal S kills millions directly and indirectly. The fatal effects of smoking does not stop with just the smokers. It affects others and also extends to animals and plants which are part of the environment of the smoking person.
Avoid smoking. Try to escape from scenes of smoke. Create awareness of its fatal consequences.

All these five Ss are man-made. If he is careful in handling them, he can escape from the fatal consequences of these sources of unfortunate and untimely death.


Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 09/04/2012    Points:1    

I could find only 4 fatal Ss here. The fourth one is missing. These 4 Ss should be avoided to lead a healthy and fulfilling balanced life.

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