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How to improve performance and speed of computer?

September 03, 2012  by: Hakimuddin  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.70   Views: 1076

Computer is used by every person in computer age. But it is difficult to maintain computer for everybody. In, this article you will find some simple tips to improve performance and speed of your computer.



Computer is used by every individual at home or office. But every person does not know to maintain the performance and speed of computer. If you do not use some features, the speed and performance of your computer would gradually decrease and after sometimes you would not be able to work smoothly on your computer. Almost every individual use Microsoft Windows which operating system is user friendly and inbuilt some features which speedup performance of your computer.

Tips to improve performance and speed

While using your computer the following tips must be kept in mind:

* An antivirus must be installed in your computer to protect your computer from viruses and malware. For security reason you must install a good antivirus. There are many good antivirus available in market like Norton, Avast, etc. I would like to suggest you to install Avast antivirus. You can download this antivirus from internet. Go to www.avast.com and install its home addition for free.

* There is an option Disk Cleanup in Microsoft Windows. You must run this feature daily . This feature removes all unnecessary files from your computer and cleans your hard drive. To run this feature, go to start menu, now select accessories, system tool and disk cleanup. A new window will open now select the prompt which you want to cleanup. All the unnecessary files would be removed from the specific prompt.

* Disk Defragmenter is also a very good feature which must be used every week to speed up your computer. By using this feature you can improve the performance of your computer. To run this feature, go to start menu, accessories, system tools and disk defragmenter . Select all the prompt one by one and defrag all the prompt of your hard disk.

* Many errors are found in hard disk of our computer which must be recovered time to time. To recover bad sector of hard drive a very good feature is provided by Microsoft Windows. To check error and recover bad sectors, click on my computer and select a prompt. Now right click and select properties. Go to tools menu and select check now. You will find two options, click on both option and restart your computer . By using this feature, you would be able to clean up your hard disk and to recover bad sectors. This feature must be used every month to improve performance of computer.

* If you have a habit to surf internet, open only trusted site and download the trusted programs from internet. They may be harmful for your computer.

* Turn off your computer in proper manner. Do not turn off your computer directly.

* If you have a hobby to play games on computer minimize it as much as possible.

* UPS must be used to save your computer from fluctuations specially in India.

* If your children also use computer then set a password to open windows. Never show password to your children. Always type password yourselves, whenever they want to work on computer.

So, by using above simple tips you would be able to improve performance and speed of your computer. I hope this article would be beneficial for everybody.


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