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Five Vital Laws of Nature Cure

September 03, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 17   Category: Health    Views: 612

The soothing hands of Mother Nature are efficient to heal any sickness. Most of the alternative medicines suggest to use this power of nature. Nature has provided everything in the body organisms to heal themselves. But the fast lifestyle of man cannot wait for the slow process of nature cure.


Nature is the best physician. She provides everything to the body to heal itself by natural processes. In the busy lifestyle of modern days man has no time to find out how nature can heal his ailments or he cannot wait for the normal process of nature cure. The fast lifestyle demands every result immediately, then and there. That is why he is unable to find out the values of nature cure.

Hippocrates, the Father of medicines, has stated that “nature is the best healer of all diseases.” That is why he insisted that the chief aim of a physician should be to help this natural tendency of the body of healing itself. He pointed out that the organism of the body would recover its own health.

The Five Vital Laws of Nature Cure

1) Healing is from within

The constant flow of vital energy in nature is responsible for the perfect harmony of natural health. When this harmony is hindered or lacking, the body undergoes ailments. Ancient medicinal systems insist that healing is within the body system and the duty of a physician is to make use of it properly. The body has a very powerful healing system in itself. Many of us do not understand that the recuperative power in the human body can do wonders when it is left alone. The guardian cells send messages locally and systemically via hormones and other channels such as cytokines, when something is wrong in the body. The control system produces appropriate metabolic substrates, including oxygen for immediate recovery. This can be seen by some healing of wounds without any medication.

2) Toxemia is the principal cause of diseases

Toxins from the body should be eliminated properly. When the toxins stagnate in body, they cause diseases. Waste-elimination organs of the body--lungs, kidney, bowels, and skin-- should function without any clogging. Exercises help eliminating waste materials from the body.

3) Healing is holistic

The important law of nature cure is to treat the whole person, not only the symptom of the disease. The special feature of nature cure is that it does not rely on the specific cause of diseases and its specific treatment but takes into account the totality of factors responsible for disease such as one’s unnatural habits in living, thinking, etc. It treats the person and the disease as a whole.

4) Cure cannot be obtained without cleansing

Cleansing the body and mind is very important in nature cure. If waste material or element stagnates in body and mind, it leads to physical and psychological ailments. As we overhaul a machine and repair it completely, the body and mind can be overhauled by fasting and meditation. Nature cure uses fasting and enema for overhauling the body. It rectifies the irregularities in the system.

5) Rest

Rest is the best medicine for body and mind. It recuperates the systems. It also helps to eliminate the morbid waste. Fasting is also a kind of rest. It is also a preventive medicine which all the ancient medicines suggest for cure.

Nature cure is effective. It has no side effects. It is reliable and easy. It is based on the day-to-day lifestyle. “Go green” should remind us to “Go natural”!



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