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Why Should India Celebrate Teachers Day on September 5?

September 05, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 619

While the International world celebrates Teachers day on 5 October, India celebrates it on 5 September, commemorating the birthday of Dr. Radhakrishnan, the second President of the country. It is an apt time to look at the role of a teacher in India in the past and the present.


The World Teachers’ Day is officially celebrated across the world on Oct 5, initiated by the United Nations (UNESCO). The day of celebrations varies from country to country. India celebrates the Teachers day on 5 September.

Teachers Day to honor the profession of teaching

Teachers' Day is celebrated in India on the 5 September, commemorating the birth anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, who was one of the greatest scholars and philosophers of the country. He had been an eminent scholar and teacher throughout his life. He was the first Vice President who became the President of India in 1962. Plato, the Greek philosopher, has stated in his “The Republic” that a philosopher should rule a country. It became true in the case of Dr. Radhakrishnan who believed that “teachers should be the best minds in the country”. When his admirers wished to celebrate his birthday, he expressed his desire to observe it as Teachers’ Day.

An Indian teacher

India, being a civilized country from ancient days, has been giving great importance to the role of a teacher. Vedic texts say that the teacher plays the important role of wisdom, next to God. According to the Vedic texts, wisdom which takes a person to its goal of reaching God starts from the mother, through father reaches finally Guru or teacher. It is in the order “Mata”(mother)--> “Pita”(father)-->”Guru”(teacher)-->”Deiva”(God).

The purpose of Teachers Day

The Teachers Day is celebrated to honor the essential role of teachers in providing quality education at all levels which can only build up a healthy society. It is an occasion for the students to honor and thank their teachers and also an occasion for the teachers to analyze their great responsibility to the society as a teacher. Teaching is not a money-oriented profession. Rather it is a great service to the society. It reminds us the words of the great philosopher Aristotle that those who educate children well are to be honored more than parents, for parents only give life, and teachers give the art of living well.

The present situation of teachers in India

It is a sad fact that the noble profession of a teacher has become a business for most of the teachers in modern India. The “Knowledge Reservoirs” supposed to be selfless builders have become selfish traders. Most of the teachers in India aim at money and not at responsible teaching.

Why should India celebrate the Teachers Day?

Why should India celebrate the Teachers Day if it does not cherish the inherited values of teaching? The teachers and those who love the nation should think of the three inherited values of a teacher. They are: moral value, model value and productive value of confidence. Let the Teachers Day of this year be a beacon light to find sincere and dedicated teachers.


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