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Why suicide is spreading like a global disease?

September 07, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 767

This article deals with the problem of suicide that is spreading like a global disease. The reasons of suicide, the role of depression in it, the animal model experiment is aptly discussed in this article for the proper understandability of the readers. Finally, some important tips are given on how to eradicate the problem of suicide.



Suicide is killing oneself willingly. Though this is taken negative in many cultures and societies of the world but still it is on the rise. Generally, one commits suicide to get rid from the difficult situations of life. This difficult situation could be a social one, financial one or relating to health and disease. Normally, people who commit suicide shows some symptoms like taking no interest in world activities, getting heavily addicted to alcohol or drugs, moving away from friends and relatives etc. One needs to gain access to these situations properly and take necessary steps if required. Surveys reveals the fact that men are more prone to commit suicide then women. Certain modern diseases are also related with the problems of suicide. Depression is one of these and it is catching up like a wild fire.

Reasons for suicide.

Nowadays, the number of suicides that we happen to come across in the daily newspapers are mostly related with family disputes and tremendous mental pressures. Normally, there are four reasons behind the suicides that are related with mental pressures. First there is the reason of metal disease, second addiction, the third one is health problems and the fourth one is psychological stress or family or mental pressures.

Depression results in suicide

Depression is now a global problem. Among all the other diseases it ranks second in the world. The different kinds of competitions, insecurity in jobs etc. are also adding up with the problems of suicide. Normally, when we are going through a phase of sadness we often term it as depression but in medical science the term depression is very complex in characteristics. Very often, we also come across cases where students have committed suicide simply because of getting scolded by parents or teachers. This also makes us careful and we try to be as understanding as possible while dealing with our youngsters. But this is not a fact because those incidences of suicides by youngsters took place not because of a particular incidence but the level of depression grew in their heart for sometime before they finally opt to end their life for forever.

Characteristics of depression that leads one to suicide.

There are many characteristics of depression that lead to suicide. First characteristic is duration, second is intensity. This does not mean that today one may feel good but tomorrow one may feel very bad etc. The situations becomes worse gradually and the victim may not get inner peace at anything. The third characteristic is stability which means around for two weeks this could happen. The fourth one is the associate feature like everyone is playing, smiling, roaming while I cannot. If this happens for sometime then it could affect three areas. First is biological like not getting enough strength in the body, not feeling like doing any work etc. Together with this diseases like depression, diabetes, hypertension etc. adds to the problems. Second, psychological problems like one may lose patience easily and does not get solution in anything properly. Third area is social and one may have disliking for people who are around him/her. If this goes on for sometime then there it results in the minds a sense of aggression. If its affects falls outside then it may even cause harm to others around the victim. Yes, one may even commit crimes like murder. But again this aggression is inside then a victim may commit suicide.

The animal model experiment

Scientists have done an experiment with depression which is known as animal model. A rat is kept in a small round cage. The cage had too many doors and there was a table in the center. This table had electric shock on it. When the rat tried to escape from one of the doors it was closed down. Like this all the doors of the cage was close one by one. The rat got depressed by it and sat one the table which had the electric shock in it. This experiment revealed the fact that the rat got tired and sat on the table without caring much for the shock. This very thing happens in case of men also when they suffer from depressions.

How to eradicate the problem of suicide?

To eradicate the problem of suicide at the level of schools the teachers should be given proper training about the same. Due to the lack of awareness that exists in our society we never seek the help of a psychologist at the preliminary stage. This is also one of the main reasons for getting the problems more complex by nature. It is only through the proper ways of awareness which could be used to fight depression in an effective way globally. However, we can take certain steps to save people who are near by us from committing suicide. We can keep medicines out of their reach, do not allow alcohols at homes, do not keep guns and pistols at home etc. If we do find people speaking negatively or ending their life it would be a good idea to speak with them politely and remove their confusion tactfully. Always keep important numbers like that of ambulance at hand so that you can use it in emergency. Never try to help out the victim alone who has attempted suicide and suffering and seek help from people who are around so that things could be worked out properly.

Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 09/12/2012    Points:11    

Suicide is a very big problem. There are many resaons of commmiting suicide which are so well presented here in this article. Depression is ofcourse the biggest reason of commiting suicide. The heighest suicide rate is from Switzerland. People from this country are depressed because they live in one of the most beautiful place in the world and their life has no aim. They already have everything and they do not have to fight for anything. They do not have much stress and not much pressure or any kind of serious insecurities but they are sad. Sadness of not being able to struggle as they have everything. This was surprising for me but it is true. I read this in a magazine that people in Switzerland commit suicide because they have nothing to live for. They are depressed cos they have everything and have lived in the most beautiful part of the world. They think what more is there to live for and then they lose their wish to live and commit suicide.

I also do not really believe in this animal model of depression. We can not compare human depression with animal depression. Also it varies from person to person. Some people have really high motivational rate and they go on even in the worst situations while some give up at the very first failure. But this is true that people get tired of repeated trying and then at one point of time give up. I think family, friends and society can definately come up with some motivational ideas and help the person to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if possible try to help him/her to reach that light.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 09/14/2012    Points:6    


Indeed surprising for me too that there is a certain place in this world where things are just somewhat reverse what I tried to pointed in this article. Like you me too do not believe in this animal theory experiment but what I heard from my childhood that scientists do experiments on animals like monkeys, dogs and rodents like rats etc to get their thesis done. Just like to bring an example here when lipsticks were first made this was tried on monkeys first to find out if they are allergic to it or to find out its effects on them.

What I enjoyed most in your post is the valuable addition to the list of facts that are responsible for the suicide of humans. Really, I could not have imagined about this until you brought this fact through your valuable post. Thanks for your valuable input and I am sure that readers would certainly find it interesting.

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