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How Does Water Help in Weight Loss?

September 08, 2012  by: prithiviputra  Points: 7   Category: Health  Earning $0.10   Views: 459

It is very heartening to know that water helps a lot in our mission to lose weight. This article explains how to make use of water to reach your fitness goals.


There are many benefits of consumption of water. It is said that a thorough intake of water can go a long way in eliminating the waste from the body. Water has the innate power to promote the functions of all the systems of your body and it can promote digestion much to your advantage. Nutrients get evenly distributed in your body due to the intake of sufficient amount of water.

Water helps you fight against dehydration that can slow down your metabolism as well. On the other hand drinking a lot of water helps you to boost your metabolism by leaps and bounds. Enhancement of metabolism will assist you in weight loss as well. Thus water is proved as an agent that is capable of bringing about weight loss much to your delight and contentment.

Between hot water and cold water the latter is indeed capable of boosting your metabolism. Cold water is said to speed up your digestion as well. Take care to drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis. On the other hand too much of water may not have the desired effect on your body. Consumption of water directly helps weight loss. You would tend to eat less amount of food if you drink about two glasses of water especially before your meal. Thus water acts as a suppressor of hunger or appetite as well.

Calorie consumption comes down in individuals that drink sufficient amount of water before their meals on a daily basis. In the same way foods laden with water like soup can also go a long way in suppressing your cravings for more and more food. It is believed that craving for more food is the cause for gaining weight. Water can keep weight gain at bay. Hence you should drink adequate quantities of water.

Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 09/13/2012    Points:9    

Human body is 70% water so definately drinking adequate amount of water is important to keep the body functional and in proper shape. I also agree that drinking enough water helps the body with its proper metabolic functioning and drinking excess might prove to be detrimental. But I am not sure that drinking two glasses of water before your meal is really a good idea. Of course it will suppress your wish to eat and would reduce the consumption of food because a part of your stomach is already filled water but then the acid present is your stomach (which is important for the digestive system) will be diluted and then it might cause problems with the digestion. I think drinking water is good before meal when there is atleast a gap of one hour or so.

The most important thing is losing weight is that a person burn more calories than the calorie uptake. It does not matter how much one eats as long as he/she burn enough calories. So this is really a illusion that the more you eat the more fatty you will be because ofcourse body needs food (energy and calories) but not in excess. Excess is stored in the form of fat and then that shows. What is important is to burn the calories and stay fit. So please exercise, stay fit and stay healthy. :)

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