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Music Wedding Theme

September 10, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 548

There is a lot of importance of music in our lives. It makes the occasions happy and memorable.


Music plays an important part in the human life. It is even more special when there are happier moments in our lives like wedding. There are various music themes available if you want to bring a particular feel to your wedding. Here are some music wedding themes you can consider.

The traditional theme
What better theme can you think of than a traditional theme for your wedding? The conventional theme is the one that can be spotted easily by everyone else. It is a theme that is most loved and used most often. Folk and cultural music are the most widely used types of music when it comes to traditional theme music. The best bet for a traditional theme is to go back to your roots. You will certainly find one.

The garden theme
The garden theme works best if the reception is in the evening. It can take the evening atmosphere to a new high. The outdoor enjoyment mood can be multiplied many times by the sheer presence of any ear-pleasing garden theme. One cannot ask for anything more if the place is decorated with colorful balloons and flowers with a natural fragrance.

The seasonal theme
You could even target the current season to get the correct wedding theme. It can give a seasonal flavor to your wedding reception. To go with the seasonal theme, if you dress accordingly, it will emphasize the reception party a bit more. If your reception party is during the spring, songs that target this season could be played in the background. Make use of light shades to put more life in the party.

The fantasy theme
Let your creative cells get wings and let the best come out of you for the fantasy theme. When it comes to fantasizing anything coupled with wedding, what better option can there be other than having a fairytale fantasy? The fairy wings, a handsome price and hearts cut out can make the reception an unforgettable party easily. Make use of white fabrics and flowers to bring more meaning in the fairytale fantasy.

The beach theme
There are lots of options to decorate your reception party with a seaside or a beach theme. Seashells, conches, starfish or any other treasures found in the beach can be used to decorate the party place. If you are more specific and have the ability to decorate the place with a theme of a specific beach that would be even more lovely. There are many examples to take inspiration from the beaches from all over the world.

The movie theme
Many couples are film freaks and so having a movie theme would be an easier choice. There some movies those are special to us and close to our hearts. You can choose such a film and choose to be the hero and the heroine in the movie. Dressing like the leading couple is the most prominent to express your love. Use the film posters to decorate the surroundings for more effects. It will not take a lot to recreate the same magic once again.



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