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Safeguard your PC from virus attack

June 04, 2010  by: Vikram  Points: 40   Category: Software  Earning $0.80   Views: 1324

What you should do to protect your computer to being attack by Virus. The important tips you should always keep in your mind.


Youth between the highly Social networking sites and other online features are popular nervous because of the Internet. the number of users is increasing. Despite this, most people are not aware of anti-virus, which he often suffers the brunt.

Is more a matter of days, computer users in the anti-virus updates across the world as they encountered a virus had arrived. Because of this thousands of computers were corrupt who had to boot again. Clearly, people's tremendous financial losses. In fact, a person over the computer has become so dependent on him going to any kind of attack makes it much effect.

Security of the computer to talk and then still 50 per cent of computer users in your country to have no system of online viruses protection. Simple e-mail began this journey Internet chat, social networking, Internet banking and e - commerce has extended to far, but still we are not the security of the arrangements.

Even important institutions like banks of their customers are unable to complete safety. Internet Security Expert John Dev says, "virtual keyboard does not protect you completely. After all it is a software that can be Crack. While many banks use the virtual keyboard was created optional, but Users should try to avoid this. "

Also, the second largest computer threat is from young people's favorite social networking sites. Social networking sites an Internet security company's CEO to use the Chandra suggest considerable caution. He says, 'If Real Life Friendship offers to you a strange man does, what would you do? Obviously not.

So my friend you create online take an unknown person. "Ramesh especially not exchange files with anyone to recommend. He says, 'If you receive an unknown person files saved to your computer if maybe corrupt give it your all data. "

Then the biggest thing that the Internet idea certainly can not you sit on the front of the profile is real or throw. Clearly, there is no shortage of people who throw fake profile to fool others with profiles with the target social networking sites exist.

Obviously you throw them during a conversation with him about the idea did not find profiles, but they communicate with you during all the Personal Data you will blow and will try to harm you. There's no such software or method that does not exist, which can help you find out id throw.

So to avoid this is no other option than to take precautions. Idea of the growing problem of viruses that can be judged by the same daily 30 thousand viruses on the Internet today are knocking. John says, "To avoid them you should use Better Quality and the Anti-Virus Updates Time Time."

What To

- If Bank Of At From A Mail Come , Then cross check with the bank.

- DO Not give your Personal details like Bank A/C number or password etc.

- DO NOT do any credit transaction from Cybercafe.

- DO NOT make online friends without knowing them.

- DO NOT accept Very attractive Offers.

- Investigate about website, if you are buying anything from E-Commerce website.

Author: Kumaresh        
Posted Date: 07/08/2010    Points:2    

It is a good article about safeguarding our pc from virus attack.
Author: King        
Posted Date: 05/08/2011    Points:1    

Virus attack is the main problem faced by all the people who use internet for downloading or other purposes.

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