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Sinusitis: what are the types, causes, symptoms and treatment?

September 15, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 842

From children to adults anyone could be affected with sinusitis. This article deals with what is sinusitis, what are its types, infections, treatment and what precautions need to be taken.



A good health is what one wishes for oneself and one's near and dear ones. But it is also a realism that one also come across diseases and problems in this journey of life. Diseases and health problems bring in a shadow of fear in the minds of the people and they very often hesitate to go for treatments. This fear could well be evaporated if one has the proper knowledge about the disease one is affected by. One such disease is [B]sinusitis and here and effort is taken to make you aware of what it actually is and how you could overcome it timely together with appropriate treatment and good advise of your physicians.

What is sinus?

There are hollow air filled cavities inside the human skull. This is known as sinus. The weight of these air filled cavities, together with the three and a half kilograms of the human brain, is quite appropriate for a human being to manage. The mucous covers these sinus layers. These cavities are found on the nose and its sides, that is, between the nose and the eyes.

Types of sinus

There are four main pairs of sinus or cavities known as paranasal sinuses and the sinus that is between the nose and eyes is known as ethmoid sinus . The sinus that is behind the cheek is known as maxillary sinus . The sinus that is in the forehead is known as frontal sinus and the sinus that is behind the ethmoid is known as sphenoid sinus.

[RED]Acute or chronic sinusitis

A narrow hole connects the sinusitis with the nasal airway. The secretion of the products that are manufactured in the sinus passes from this narrow hole out of the nose. But when this narrow hole gets blocked due to certain diseases or inflammation it becomes smaller in size. This itself prevent the secretion of the sinus and the watery fluid get accumulated there. This blocks the nasals and headaches occur. This in medically known as sinusitis.

They could affect the people of any age. Even this could lead to the bleeding of the nose and children could vomit also. This could even lead to blurry vision and severe headaches. For treatment of this nose drops, antibiotic and sometimes anti-inflammatory medicines are used. This gives the patient some temporary relief. But if this problem persists and the patient goes through the problems of headaches, nose blockage etc then this is known as chronic sinusitis. Here, the patient may get affected with maxillary sinus and ethmoid sinus which is turn is known as pan sinusitis. Before going for any treatment the doctors try to find out how much a patient is affected with the disease. They may do a city scan parangel sinus to find out about this. If this disease is left untreated for long then it may also affect the orbit of the eyes through the ethmoid sinus. Sometimes, a patient may even become blind.

Sinus and infection

One may get prone to different kinds of infection through the sinus. Examples are allergic sinusitis, infective sinusitis, fungal sinusitis etc. It can also happen that some cancer related diseases may exist in any of the sinus. In allergic sinusitis, those who suffer from a prolonged allergy there may be an alteration in the mucus membrane of the sinus. This may result in symptoms like the running of nose, blocking of nose, headaches, red eyes, sneezing etc. Generally, after detecting the cause of the energy some anti-allergy medicine and nozzle sprays are recommended.

The bacteria attacks the allergic sinusitis and turn it into infective sinusitis. Cold gets deposited in the sinus, the drainage system of the nose gets blocked, the patient suffers from headaches, vomiting and fever. If one is affected by this for a long time then the mucus membrane of the sinus gets swelled up. This condition is known as polyps. This polyp tries to move out to the nose and its side by breaking the bones of the sinus. If a patient has diabetes then after controlling the diabetes the severity of the sinus is found out through a CT scan. If required endoscopic sinus surgery is done.

If fungal sinusitis is not timely treated then its consequences could be fatal. In this type of the disease fungus resides in the sinus. If a patient has diabetes then he/she may have a fair number of chances of getting affected with this. Some of the symptoms are running nose, headaches and sometimes bleeding of the nose.

Sinus and buoyancy

After the sinus surgery, the watery fluid that is available from the nose and sinus could be examined through buoyancy. It also examined if there is a growth in sinus. Besides, blood from the nose, CT scan photographs and tissue from the nose is taken for examination. If cancerous cell is found then suitable treatments are arranged for it.

Who may get affected with sinusitis? (Causes

*. Those who have a problem in the structures of the noses like the deviated nose has the chances of getting affected by sinusitis.

*. Those who live or work mostly in a dusty environments like that of a jute mills, cotton mills, coal mines etc. are more prone to allergic or bacterial sinusitis.

*. Again those who live in a wet and damp conditions and in places where there is more rain have the chances of getting affected with fungal sinusitis.

*. A change in temperature is also very much related with it. For instance, eating cold stuffs or when enters from the hot weather outside to inside room temperature and drinks cold water it may cause allergic sinusitis.

Things to remember (Precautions)

*. It is better to avoid dusty and dirty environment. If normal saline is taken in from the nose and thrown out from the neck it will clean all the dust that gets deposited round the day. It would also help to keep the nose and sinus in control.

*.Nose drops or nozzle sprays would only bring in temporary relief but may make the situation worse in the future. For instance, blocked nose may get more blocked in the future. Besides, the chances of getting affected with fungal and bacterial infection increases.

To wrap up

Hence, one needs to be careful and take medical help whenever required. If surgery is recommended then one needs to go for the surgery. Today, together with the improvement in science and technology the surgical instruments have also improved very much. So one should not hesitate from treatment and surgery to get cured.


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