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How to make a series test lamp

September 15, 2012  by: ashik  Points: 12   Category: Design  Earning $0.15   Views: 3538

Test lamp is one of the important devices for the technicians who usually work with electricity. It has earns its popularity to the technicians due to its hundred percent accuracy to show the electricity; economical and very simple to make it.


However, other devices are used now a day’s such as Avometer (analog), Digital Avometer etc. These devices may go wrong at any time due to malfunctioning of electronic circuit or the probe loose connection and may risk the life of technician and the loss of property. That’s why expert technicians use test lamp at their work and are fully reliable on it.

Anyone can make it by following my simple steps but it is essential for him/her to understand and know the basic fundamentals of electricity; safety, uses of some hand tools and equipments required for the test after making the test lamp.

Necessary tools and equipments: Cutting pliers, Combination pliers, Wire stripper, tester, Avometer etc.

Necessary materials: Flexible wire ( size 23/76) or (size 3/.029) of about 2(two) meters long, holder of bulb ( Pin type or screw type) – one piece, bulb 60 watt- one piece that fixes on that holder, two pin plug – one piece etc.

Steps to follow to make test lamp

1. Cut the wire into two pieces making one meter long each.

2. Now you have two pieces of wire. Fix the bulb holder using one end of the both two pieces of wire and install a light bulb on it.

3. Now you have other two ends free. Fix a two pin plug on that free pairs of wires. It means you can light up the bulb if you put two pin plugs in a live two pin socket.

4. Check the continuity of the half done device by avometer and be sure that bulb lights up when plug is being inserted in a live two pin socket.

5. Now, Pull out the plug from the socket after test and just cut into half length of any one of the wire and slice the insulation about half inches from cutting end of the wire so that bare copper wire is clearly visible.

6. Now, your test lamp is ready for experimental test. In this case, keep the sliced bare copper wire in safe place and PLUG the two pin plug into live two pin sockets. Connect the bare cutter wire by touching the both wire. You will see that bulb will light up. Disconnect the bare cutter wire it will OFF the light. It means your test lamp is OK and you can use it to test the continuity of any circuit getting hundred percent accuracies, if you have any doubt with your Avometer.

Safety measures

1. Never use your bare hand on the live wire.

2. Use proper tool to cut wire and slicing.

3. Check the wires for continuity before you start.

Finally, a good test lamp is like a best friend at work. Remember, other devices may betray you but test lamp will always be on your side giving full satisfaction at work.


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