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Solution for Hair With Split Ends Problem

September 16, 2012  by: ashik  Points: 8   Category: Health  Earning $0.20   Views: 931

Hair is one of the most wonderful elements of a woman''''s body. Long, silky smooth & bright hair improves the beauty of a lady to a large. But hair can become just a headache if one has divided finishes i.e. damaged hair. Today I am going to tell you how can you get rid of divided finishes through just a little bit of health care.


* Cut the hair once in three months. This will eliminate divided finishes. Cutting creates hair look healthier. You can trim the hair quickly at home. But if you have the option to go to shop, do so. Because they are professional and they will manage the hair.

* Always use hair comb with wide teeth. This will create less stress on the hair. Do not use steel sweep to hair comb hair. It creates hair difficult.

* Wet locks are very delicate. Do not rub hair too much while cleaning. It creates hair break quickly. After cleaning dry it with a hand soft towel gently.

* Hairdryers create hair difficult. Consequently divided finishes happen. So try to avoid using hair hair hairdryers. Dry the hair by fan. If you need to use clothing hair dryer then set the speed to low change and warm level.

* Get oil rub twice a week. This will feed hair origins.

* If you dye, perm or implement another treatment that tends to damage the hair, create sure to have an period between those therapies. For example: new hair shade - then 2 weeks stop - then rebonding. This will reduce the dangerous impact for the hair in case you decide to implement those therapies.

* Apply henna insert on hair twice a month. Henna provides nourishment for hair which decreases propensity of divided finishes.

* Another good hair vitalizes is natural. Take an egg, mix it with two tbsps of natural and implement on hair. After 15-20 minutes, wash thoroughly by hair shampoo. This will create hair powerful as well as bright.

* During oil rub, try to use hot oil. Hot oil rub improves blood flow in head. Consequently hair gets more powerful.

** If your hair is so dry and have split ends try this:
Apply aloe Vera gel on scalp and hair. Massage the scalp for 20 min. This will moisturize hair and make hair shiny. Repeat it twice or more in a week.

If you follow above tips I am sure you will get powerful, healthier & bright hair that will have no divided finishes.

Author: Victor O        
Posted Date: 09/26/2012    Points:1    

Good article, I really love the procedure of the egg, it really sounds uncommon

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