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What to Write on the Clean Slate?

September 19, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 658

Schools have reopened. In some countries reopening is earlier. Kids are back to school with their loads on their back and dreams in their front. Their slates are clean. What to write on the clean slates?


After the hot days of summer, children are back in their schools with their daily routine. Many kids are new to school life, away from their mom’s laps for the first time in their life. Parents entrust their children to the guidance of school teachers with great expectations and dreams.

The beginning of school year is always exciting for all--for the kids, parents and teachers. It is a new and fresh beginning. A new beginning with new atmosphere, teachers, friends and, of course, new subjects. They are going to learn the art of making a new world. They are the future hope of the world.

Education is the greatest gift that one generation bequeaths to the next generation. It is the love of learning that is going to shape the future generation to build a new world. What they learn in the younger days is going to shape them in future.

The slates of the children are clean. What are we going to write on them?

The first-day-in-school ritual

1) In many places the first step to education starts with a ritual. back in India, I remember how most of the kids start their educational career with rituals and Poojas. People seek the blessings of God for the future of their wards, since God is the source of wisdom.

2) In South India, the school beginning ritual coincides with the festival of Saraswathi Pooja that is also called “Vidhyarambam” (the beginning of education). At an auspicious hour, the master of ceremonies writes the divine mantra “Om” on the sand or paddy grains kept in a plate. Then he writes the mantra on the tongue of the child. The mantra is supposed to be the first alphabet and the origin of all knowledge.

3) On Saraswathi Pooja Day, all Hindu children keep their books and other things, related to their studies, in the Pooja room or near the picture of their deity, invoking the blessings for their education. Saraswathi is the Goddess of Learning,

4) Even among the Christians in South India there is a tradition of having special rituals for the beginning of education. The priest or the elderly person prays for the child and draws the Cross symbol on the forehead.

5) There is a tradition among the Jews to begin their educational career by placing honey on a chalkboard and make the child lick it off to remind them that education as well as the study of Thora is as sweet as honey.

Education opens the eyes of knowledge and shows the way to lead a successful life. It teaches and trains the values of amicable life. It is the beacon light of a successful personality.

The modern trend of commercializing education may not be able to reach the goals of real education. Let the modern world think what to write on the clean slates of future citizens.


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