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Internet and life style changes !

September 19, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 924

Life is no doubt much easier and much more comfortable now with all the modern day gadgets and conveniences.So internet and all other related technological inventions have enhanced our lives although there may be a few minor disadvantages...


When we look back, we can see how an entire life style has changed over the years. When we were young we had no TV nor the internet. It was only when in the past three decades that the color TV and made its appearance . But people were happy and life was good even without the TV or the internet . When the children of present day hear about those days they feel that it was a boring life with no television for entertainment ,mobile phone or the internet.

Life is no doubt much easier and more comfortable now with all the modern day gadgets and conveniences. So internet and all other related technological inventions have enhanced our lives although there may be a few minor disadvantages..

However, there are pros and cons in both the present day life style and the good old days.But there is no denying the fact that internet has completely changed our life style. I wonder if life would have been better and healthier without the net.But again like everyone else I too am enjoying the net and feel connected to people without stepping out of my home .

Has internet changed our life style for the better or worse ?

The digital age has exploded in the last decade and a half or so and that almost every person you see has a cell phone and owns a computer.In terms of whether humanity is better with the internet than without it, we can say that humanity remains the same regardless of its technological achievements. Changing the tools with which mankind does their business has no real bearing on the overall human evolution .

No doubt that the internet has many advantages - As of now, One cannot even think of life without the internet . As of now, we are totally dependent on computers and cell phones. I am not sure if that is good or bad. In life, it is better to have many more options rather than depend on any one thing .The net no doubt has given us many other facilities.We enjoy the privilege of online banking, online booking of tickets, web check in, and many other facilities. Also, we are able to get in touch with our long lost friends too and communication has become mind bogglingly easy.

We can control our own dependability and use it wisely so that we do not become slaves of the net. I have seen many young lives ruined because of misuse or abuse as we can call it. All said and done it has made our lives much more comfortable and easier.One need never get bored in life now since you have the net and a hundred things to do there.

Negative impacts of using the internet

1, We are constantly changing and so does our surrounding and an individual has to adapt to it as best as he/she can.Someone elsewhere said the same thing that when we use the net in a responsible manner,we can get the best out of it .As adults most of us are able to use it in a responsible manner and we got it when we were already adults. But when a child gets addicted to the net right from infancy it can have a negative impact on his mental growth in some respects.

2, These days children get immersed in either TV or the computer . We can also see that the play grounds are all being taken up or built over and there is hardly any space left for the children to play during evenings and their free time. Another major change that has taken place is the introduction of tuition after school which makes the child tired after the school routine and most children opt for some light entertainment like watching TV or spending time on the net which is definitely not healthy in the long run since it cuts out all physical activities.

3, There are too many distractions for students and youngsters these days and not all of them are good. As long as they are able to distinguish and make the right choice it is ok otherwise it can have an adverse effect on them and their studies. No doubt that there are always pros and cons to any new invention and it depends on us as to how best we use it to our advantage.

4, Unfortunately some people get addicted to the internet and spend so much time online that they neglect their offline life and work . Sometimes the consequences are serious like the case where a couple didn't take care of their child which was sick and later died , because they were too busy online. It is scary when internet surfing gets out of control and people start spending every single minute of their life in front of the computer.

5, Using the internet continuously can really affect our health. Eyes, hands and our back are the most affected areas. Eyes become strained, too much typing and backaches are just some of the examples. It can also affect our attitude and weight since we tend to sit for long hours with our laptops and miss out on our exercise routine.

Internet has many advantages and only a few disadvantages.Personally, I feel that it has more advantages than disadvantages since it is totally in our hands to use it responsibly and to our advantage .


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