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Important list of diets that help you to keep hydrated in summer.

September 20, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $0.85   Views: 792

The heat is on in the summer months but what is more important for you is to have a proper idea about the diets that would help you to keep hydrated in these conditions. This article describes about these food items so that it could help the readers to keep them well in the summer.


It is crucial to give a special care of your health in the hotter months of the year with the continuous rise in the mercury level. What is more important to keep your body cool with proper food diets . Since the hot and sultry conditions make you sweat a lot you get without water, sodium and all the essential minerals as they move out from your body. Therefore it is that much important for us to keep in mind that our food charts should consist of food items that has enough quantity of minerals and water in them.

List of the food items that help you keep hydrated in summer

When the heat gets higher and higher what you need most is something to cool you and give respite from the hot and sultry conditions. Let us take a realistic look about the food items that must be in your diet charts to help you keep going.


Cucumber has very less calorie but it has ample water content in it. Besides, there is also silica that helps in getting rid of any kinds of spots on the skin. It proves more beneficial in treating heat rashes which are more common in summer.


When it comes about keeping your bodies cool there is hardly any better alternative than curd. It helps to keep stomach related problems that are common in the hotter months at bay. You may have the curd after any meal of the day. You may have the curd as a good refresher drink in the summer.

Figs and watermelon

Figs are your tools to fight any water borne diseases in summer. Watermelon helps against dehydration and maintains the salt content of the body.

Iced tea

It acts like an anti-oxidant and keeps your body hydrated and cool. It helps in the proper functioning of the heart and proper circulation of blood throughout the body. Not only does it refreshes you but it has been proved that is the best health drink. It can help one to get rid of the habit of drinking coffee. It is also a very good substitute for those who are into the habit of consuming soft drinks.


It maintains the water content of the body suffices and suffices the lack of water in the body. It also acts as a great energizer of the human body.


When it comes about celebrating summer and satisfying our taste buds then there is only one answer and that is mango. In summer, your body lacks in sodium, vitamins and energy. Mango has the capacity to compensate these as it is a vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant fruit. Moreover, it also helps to keep your tummy clean and increases your immunity level.


To beat the heat there is hardly any other better options than onion. Therefore, one needs to add it everyday in one's lunch together with tomato, cucumber as salad. You can add lemon drop on it to make it tasty.


It is important to have enough quantity of salt in the food to compensate with the loss of salt from the body as sweat.


In summer, you body needs moisture in enough quantity. No matter what type of food you eat if you do not drink enough water you body would get dry and without moisture. You need to drink enough water to keep the level of energy going.


You may never enjoy the summer months without rolling your tongue on your favorite ice-creams more than once. Though these bring in a temporary relief from heat but it should well be considered as a great cooler and refresher in the hot conditions. What is more! If you have enough time in the week ends make it yourself in your home and enjoy it with the other family members.


For summer vegetables are the best to keep you hydrated for long. As vegetables are rich in water content it does well to your body. It would always be advisable to try vegetable diets as these are rich in vitamins and minerals too. Moreover, they help to clean your body from inside by removing the toxins and keeping your weight in check.


Summer is the best month of the year to have fruits. The best part is that you can have it in any form, that is, you can have them raw or as juices. Fruits help in burning fat of the body and increases metabolism


You body may not permit you to have the chicken and meat in the summer months very often. What you can do is to replace meat with fishes. The good thing about it is that it is very easy to digest, and it would add to your overall health.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 09/25/2012    Points:1    

Very informative article..Lots of fruits ,water,liquids and lots of salads help you keep cool during summer months..

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