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milk teeth importance

September 20, 2012  by: rai  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.20   Views: 811

Many parents ignore milk teeth problems as they think anyways it is a milk tooth and is going to exfoliate, then why to spend on it? Why to take care of it?


Many parents ignore milk teeth problems as they think anyways it is a milk tooth and is going to exfoliate, then why to spend on it? Why to take care of it? If problem occurs just get it removed whenever necessary. But is it the right attitude towards milk teeth? This is just because lack of knowledge and awareness. These milk teeth are also called as deciduous teeth or primary teeth.
Primary teeth are twenty in number, and the first tooth erupts in your mouth at the age of approximately 6 -8months (i.e. usually lower central incisors) and the last tooth erupts approximately at the age of 25-33months (i.e. upper second molar tooth)
1. Apart from chewing, smiling and talking primary teeth are helpful to hold the space for permanent teeth.
2. There is a definite time and sequence for the eruption of permanent teeth if a milk tooth is removed before the formation of permanent teeth, before it is ready to erupt, then a child may experience shifting, overlapping or changed path and place of eruption of a teeth. It alters the alignment of teeth.
3. At the age of 6 years permanent first molar tooth appears in the mouth of a child which is always taken as a milk tooth and ignored.
4. Chewing helps jaw muscles to grow as well as it makes jaw bones to develop. It is a good exercise for the growth of facial muscles.
5. It helps in developing normal speech pattern of a child, good teeth definitely improves your esthetics (improves appearance and confidence of a child).
6. Ideally primary teeth should be restored (filled) if required, preserved in a sound condition until its normal time of exfoliation (fall), either with fillings, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride application, proper brushing techniques and habits.
7. If a child has any habit like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, bring of teeth in a sleep(bruxism) then consult your dentist regarding this and follow a required treatment for the same.(like habit breaking appliances).

Proper observation and care by the parents and regular dental check ups will solve 90% of the primary teeth problems.


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