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Personality Trait - Being Uncompromising in Life !

September 22, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 2066

According to some social observers - Being uncompromising on every little thing in a person is a learned behavior ..


Some Personality traits - Being Uncompromising !

Recently I came across an advertisement on TV which was supposed to be for a car - the girl is buying shoes and goes to at least half a dozen shops not happy with any !!! The man who is with her is happy to drive her around since he has that particular brand of trouble free and easily maneuverable car, but can that happen in real life ? I wonder ! Some people are very particular ,even fussy I may say about every little thing ! They will never compromise - like for example :- when they go for shopping they will not buy what is available, they would rather forgo or hunt around for a particular kind.It is the same as regards food, they will not eat what is available but will eat only what they like. Such personality traits bring in negative force into our lives since people who are uncompromising tend to lose their temper easily and get annoyed at the slightest mistake made by others. This makes life unpleasnat for themselves and for others living with them or come into close contact with them. One cannot be a Mr or Mrs Perfectionist all the time in life, sometimes one has to bend .

One cannot say that being a perfectionsist is a bad thing, but in life we have to adjust and sometimes learn to compromise and accept new things. According to some social observers - Being uncompromising on every little thing in a person is a learned behavior and one can see that it is especially prevalent among those girls and boys who have wealthy parents who cater to all their wishes. Children that are unnaturally spoiled during their childhood by parents will in most cases grow into uncompromising adults and continue to be so . They fail to see life as a journey of learning through compromising, instead think that it is merely a path to personal fullfillment and pleasure. Any little disturbance in their routine upsets them immensely and they can go into a fit of anger followed by depression and anger against the whole imperfect world !

Life is the greatest teacher

However,life is the greatest teacher and with a few knocks and bruises that life gives us we all change - if not we may suffer .Most of the time such people fail to see that the consequences may not be very positive for a pampered person who is not ready to compromise in life and look at other peoples point of view .To a certain extent no doubt that we all have our own particular brand of fastidiousness regarding certain things, and as long as it does not become a hurdle it doesnt really matter. Also ,in most people when things become tough , they automatically begin to analyse the situation and learn to compromise.Most of us have our own particular likes and dislikes and we may spend a lot of time trying to find something that we like.But when it becomes the goal of our life to have everything as we want and not be able to let go or compromise life can become difficult !

One has to be flexible in one's attitude towards all matters. Some people are flexible about certain things especially when it concerns their own family members but may have different views when the same thing happens to others, this is not just rigidity of one sort but also double standards.

We also also notice that the uncompromising types always have something or the other to crib about because they are lookig for perfection in an imperfect world. When they are too specific about their likes and dislikes and noone would pamper them, then they pressurise themselves ! This again leads unhappiness.

Age normally Mellows people

As we grow older and more mature in our outlook, we also become more adaptable and are able to adjust and compromise better. When you become a parent, it becomes more important to cater to the children's needs , look after them and this makes us forget about our own desires and thus we become much more willing to compromise and be realistic in our attitude !

Some people walk along the whole street or the bazaar to just for look some particular item of clothing or a hand bag that they want and are willing to give it up if they can't find the particulr brand or colr etc. For them it is actually not a necessity but being stubborn about their choice . It is not a bad personality trait , however it can make them and others around them stressed out because of their uncompromising attitude . We see this mainly prevalent among youngsters and I have also come to realise that it fades away as one matures and faces hardships n life.Many other more important and essential things take over and our priorities change .

On the whole it is always good to strike a balance so that you dont neglect your duties and do it to the best of your ability without being too particulr and feel distressed when the end result does not come upto your expectations. Being philosophical helps in coming to terms when you have some unexpected failures. This is how life is for most people and we have to realise that failure and success are both there in fair measures and accept both with equal grace and humility !


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