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How to make apple mash and plum jam

September 22, 2012  by: Sarika  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $0.25   Views: 844

I want to share these two recipes of apple mash and Plum Jam which I learned from my German Friend. We make these two together and they turned out to be so delicious that now every morning I spread my self-made Plum jam on my bread along with butter.


Apfelmus (Apple Mash) and Pflaumenmarmelade (Plum Jam):

Apfelmus (Apple Mash):


Apples (lots of them. I used 40, depends how much Äpfelmus you want to make)
Cinnamon power (2 tea spoons for 40 apples)
Cloves (5-6)
Honey (3-4 big serving spoons)


Peel all the apples and slice them into small pieces. In a big vessel cook the peeled apples on medium heat till they become tender. Add cinnamon powder, brown sugar and cloves. Mix all the ingredients together and cook for about 30 to 45 minutes. Apples have natural water and honey also is liquid. Cook till all the water is evaporated and apple mash has a jam like consistency. Remove it from the heat and store in bottles. It is ready to use.


It can be spread on the bread. It can be eaten together with potato cakes called Kartoffelpuffer in Germany. It can also be added together with some cakes. A mixture of quark, cream and Apple mash can also be served as a cold dessert.

Pflaumenmarmelade (Plum Jam):


Ripe plums (lots of them. I used 8 Kg, Depends how much Plum jam you want to make)
Cinnamon power (2 tea spoons for 8 Kg ripe plums)
Brown sugar (200 – 250 grams)
Cloves (5-6)
Good quality red wine (250 ml)


Cut the plums into two and remove the seed. Cook the plums in a big vessel on medium heat till they are tender. There is no need to add extra water as plums have natural water. After the plums are little tender add all the ingredients and cook till all the water is evaporated (approximately 3-4 hours). Check for the consistency. Plum Marmalade should be sticky and a bit thicker than jam. When you see that all the water has evaporated and right consistency has been achieved, remove the plum jam from heat and store it in the bottles. It is ready to use.


It can be used as a bread spread (I use it that way). It can be mixed with quark and cream and can be served as a cold dessert.


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