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Essential in home first aid tips during emergencies.

September 23, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 1001

Do you want to know how can you give first aid help during medical emergencies in your home or in your neighborhood or what are the things you need to keep in your first aid kit? Then this article will certainly give you the much valuable tips on how to tackle such situation with ease.


One thing that is most certain with emergencies is that it does not warn you before its arrival. A small child or an aged one in your home could be open to injuries at any moment of life. One may succumb to injuries while stepping down the stairs or when any heavy object fall on. Therefore, it is important to have some knowledge and to keep some first aid in hand to tackle these emergencies or crisis. You need to be well composed and keep a level head to cope up with these abnormal situations of life so that you can act accordingly to calm the sustained injuries.

What to do if one sustains an injury by falling

When someone falls down and get injuries on the legs, hands and hips there are certain things which you can do to bring back things to normalcy. Some of the important ways to tackle the situation is as given below:

*. Do not hang or swing the part of the body that has an injury.

*. Give some support to the injured part and try to keep it elevated. This would prevent the swelling of the injured part.

*. Apply cold compress to the injured parts several times. You may use ice or cold water for the purpose.

*. Do not move the injured part unnecessary. This would only aggravate the situation.

*. If the patient do not get relief within three hours make sure to take him to a doctor as soon as possible.

What to do if one gets burn

When someone gets burn the experience is very painful no matter how minor the burn is. The person who suffers burn gets easily panicked. You can play an important role by taking charge of the situation. First make the patient calm down and then carry on the following procedures which are as given below:

*. Clean the area of the body that got burnt with cold water.

*. Cover the region of the body with a clean piece of cotton cloth.

*. Some people often advise to apply toothpaste on the affected region. This is not advisable because it only works on the outer covering of the skin. This creates a big problem when proper dressing is needed to be done.

*. In there are blisters, apply some antibiotic ointment. It works fine to clear the blisters.

What to do if there are cuts

Cut is also very painful and depending on the situation it could be a slight one or a deep one. If the cut is deep enough seek the help of a medical person as soon as possible. But if the cut is slight in nature you may perform the following steps which are as given below:

*. First find out the depth of the cut
*. You need to remember that if the cut is slight then bleeding stops naturally after sometime.

*. Apply Dettol and Savlon on the region of the cut. It works great and after sometime the patient gets a sign of relief.

*. If the bleeding do not stop, then tie a clean piece of cotton cloth.

*. Seek the help of a physician without any delay.

What to do when the head circles

Sometimes it so happens that the head circles and people lose their balance and fall down on the ground. This could happen anywhere and with anyone. Though there are many reasons for circling of head but what needs to be done when someone falls is equally important. Here is what you need to do to bring the situation under control:

*. If a person falls by circling of head may him/her lay down.

*. Pour cold water on the head of the patient.

*. Pressure of the patient should be checked at once.

*. You need to have certain medicines in your first aid box to aid the patient.

*. If problem persists take him to a doctor.

You need to have your first aid box in hand to tackle with the these emergency situations of life. Certainly, doctors help is a must but the instant help that is needed to a patient when he goes through certain emergencies could be well sorted out with the first aid box and with your selfless efforts. Of course, you need to have the essential medicines, dettol, savlon, antibiotic cream, bandage, band-aid scissor etc. in your first aid box.


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