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How to stop the Global warming

July 22, 2010  by: Mathi  Points: 15   Category: Environment  Earning $0.60   Views: 1231

We have worrying about global warming. Why? Actually there are so many reasons to get global warming. To get normal temperature,we need air.


Actually there are so many reasons to get global warming.
To get normal temperature,we need air.

where it has gone ?

As an example, In our local area, Before 10 years ago there is no this much vehicles.
So vehicles are one of the main reason to increase the local warming.
Vehicles get fresh air 'Oxygen 'and release polluted air as 'Chlorine'.
This about vehicles in our local area.

Now take an another example.

Industries same things are happens like vehicles doing but huge level.
Human health and Water resources also polluted by the industries.

Air is dumping.

Main reason is, air is dumped in so many ways.

1. In vehicles Tubes.
2. Cylinders
3. Gas storage plants
4. Tunnels
5. wells
6. Balloons

and more places. Just we take this as an example.

When air is dumped in all this things the quantity of the air will be lose.
But polluted air is increased. Then what will happen? The Local warming became as global warming.

In local area this much dangerous things is happening daily. Then in our state how many vehicles are there and newly 50,000 vehicles are selling in state. In our country every state , has this much and more then this warming the air.(All are approximately ) If thing exactly, we can find out the dangerous effects of the global warming.

In a country, this much huge incidents are happening , then what about international level.

Who can stop it and how they can control this much huge levels.

Every body has to things about it and do the needful actions.

1. In small distance go by walk.
2. Unnecessarily don't use vehicles.
3. Switch off the engine on red signals.

This is too enough.

If follow this everybody sure the global warming effects will be less.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 07/22/2010    Points:1    

hi web master
Just I changed the Title's speling.Nothing else.
Author: Kumaresh        
Posted Date: 07/22/2010    Points:2    

If we follow tips which is given by Mathi, that is enough to control global warming at large extent.
We are very careless about next generations. What we want to give them as a heritage pollution and diseases . Wake up , still we have time to fight with global warming.
Author: EmPeE        
Posted Date: 08/05/2010    Points:2    

Wow, I know it is very useful for us, not only for the members here in the site but the whole human race should be very concerned about what is happening in this world. We should do things well we should not wait until this chances will be gone.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 03/21/2015    Points:3    

Combustion of most of the fuels releases carbon dioxide in the environment. An increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere leads to an increase in the temperature of the earth. This is called green-house effect. It may cause global warming.

Global warming results in excessive melting of polar ice, raising the level of water in seas and oceans. This would cause flooding and submerging of many low lying areas.

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We have worrying about global warming. Why? Actually there are so many reasons to get global warming. To get normal temperature,we need air.


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