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Healing Tenderly by Homoeopathy

September 24, 2012  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.10   Views: 650

I have seen cures worked by homoeopathy. What is homoeopathy? What is its basic principle? Who is its founder? Its progress is described in short.


Rashida (45) was brought to my clinic by her relatives. She had a tumour on her upper abdomen in the middle of her body. I prescribed her one dose of Thuja and asked her to return after a week. She did not return. So I asked her relatives in the neighbourhood about her condition. They said, “Doctor, she got completely cured after she took your medicine.”
Iadul(50) was the driver of one of the pool cars bringing children to the school run by our organization. His whole body was covered with a skin affectation which made it look as if he had applied some talcum powder on it haphazardly. I prescribed him a single dose of Tuberculinum. He came back to me after a week and showed me his body. The skin disease had disappeared.
Maya (35), a Nepali woman was brought to me with one-sided facial paralysis. Her mouth was twisted to her right. She and her relatives looked extremely worried as the doctor they had visited had advised them to go to Kathmandu for her treatment. As they were poor, they could not afford a journey to Kathmandu and an expensive stay there. I prescribed Causticum for a week. After a week she returned with a huge bunch of bananas and placing it before me she said, “Doctor, you saved me, I don’t know how to thank you. Please accept these bananas.”
These are only three of the innumerable magical cures worked by homoeopathy, which this humble physician has seen himself. Thousands of such cures can be cited by homoeopathic doctors in India and abroad. What is this homoeopathy that can restore health without resorting to surgery and without making the patient swallow too many expensive medicines and who is its founder?

The Revolutionary Genius

Homoeopathy was founded by Dr. Samuel Christian Freidrich Hahnemann(1755-1843) at the beginning of the 19th century. In his medical practice, he increasingly became aware of the complications and harms caused by the crude methods employed in the therapeutics of his day. He decided to evolve a system of healing which would be mild yet effective. While translating a book on the effects of drugs from English to German he was intrigued to find that the symptoms of quinine poisoning were strangely similar to those of malaria for which quinine was the remedy. He tested the drug on himself by ingesting some quinine. As expected, he developed malaria-like symptoms. Next, he took quinine in diluted form and found to his joy that the symptoms had disappeared. A genius that he was, he wondered whether other substances could work in the same way. He tested other drugs and observed that any substance which can cause disease symptoms when consumed, can cure illnesses showing similar symptoms if taken in diluted and shaken form. Thus, the basic principle of homoeopathy –Similia similibus curentur- was born.

A Loving Gift to Mankind

Hahmemann, together with his disciples, tested several drugs with all possible precautions to eliminate possibility of errors. These original “provings”, as they are called, were meticulously and carefully recorded and published in his classic Materia Medica Pura (1811 A.D.). Since then homoeopathy has made great strides. The list of remedies has expanded considerably in the modern Materia Medica as a result of untiring effort of uncountable dedicated workers. Homoeopathy is being taught in full-fledged medical colleges in Germany, France, U.K., U.S.A., India, Sri Lanka, etc. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognized homoeopathy to be a viable form of therapeutics as it is playing an important role in restoring health to mankind.


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