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Recipe For Success

September 25, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 789

Success is different to different people, you have to make sure that you have worked towards your idea of success rather than work on others ideas and to impress someone else.


Recipe for Success

Everyday we get to hear or read many success stories about people all around the world. Many of the stories inspire and motivate us to do better in our own lives even if we are not able to reach the dizzy heights of success that those people have reached .However, such inspiring stories of successful people help us get more out of life and put more meaning into our own lives .

In a time of instant coffee, instant food,instant loans and instant cash one would wish there was a formula or a recipe for instant success as well !But, unfortunately this is not possible in life and success has to be achieved with goal setting , motivation and more importantly one should work towards it with dedication and sincereity . We must remember that every minute is precious and that we do not have much time on this earth.It is important to know that it is not how much time you have but what you do with the time you have got ! With the limited time we get, we have to make the best of what we have got to work with and what is at our disposal.

The first steps that we take may seem small ,yet those small steps lead to greater rewards and it is in moments of difficulty that many triumphs are born.There is an old Chinese proverb that says The Longest journey always begins with a step, so the ffirst step is the deciding factor for success ! Small steps taken on a mighty road, although it may seem like an endless road , has to have an end. So any step forward we take , takes us on the right path/road that will finally lead us to success !

7 steps that help you realise your drams

1,Tap into the power of each minute in your life
We tend to take minutes and hours very lightly since life seems to stretch endlessly before us.But do this simple arithmatics and convert those years into months, weeks, days , hours and finally minutes and you will realise that with each minute you are losing some of your most precious time which is never going to come back. So it is all the more important to respect time and give due importance to every minute of your day.You should realise that even though a minute may not seem all that important it is still vital since it is the starting point of all success stories. So one must be mindful of the minutes that make hours,days , months and years and remember that once lost that minute can never be recaptured. Realising the value of a minute or time is the First step towards your success.

2,Rediscover the dreams that are buried deep within you
Once you have realised the importance of time and have decided to make the most of your life , the next step is to make sure where you want to go.You have to have a dream and then plan and execute to make it a reality.You have to dream,pursue your dreams and then make it a reality, thats what life and success is all about.Most analysts say that the Power of a dream and the Decision to follow that Dream is the best recipe for success. Aim high, dream big dreams ,set bigger goals and remember that faith moves mountains and once you believe in your dreams , everything is possible and within your reach. So, you have got to have imagination, and you have to be creative and you have got to have a dream. Dream is just the beginning and to make it a reality you have to accept it and go after it and achieve it ! Now you are taking your second step towards success .

3,Take control of your life and design your future
just think for a moment how many os us had a dream,imagination and good ideas ? almost all of us I am sure and how many of us got talked out of thsoe good ideas by others who put doubts and negativity into our minds? I am sure most of us would agree with that. It need not be others, many a times we talk ourselves out of an excellent idea simply because we either lack the drive or the courage to pursue it. However when we see others go after similar dreams and achieve it we feel that we have missed out on something important in our lives.So, it is essential to take cntrol of our lives and design our futures based on our imaginations and dreams and make the necessary preparations go after them.This is the Third important step you are taking towards success.

4,Develop a positive and productive mental attitude
The power of positive thinking is not a new idea , the concept has always been around.Simply talking about positive attitude does not really help us unless we put it into practice .First of all , you should make a determined decison that you will not associate with negative people who will rob you of your dreanms and fill you with some of their own negative feelings. A single negative minded person can play havoc with your whole thinking especially if it is someone close to you, within your family or friend circle.So, stop listening to negative words since it will kill your imagination and dreams .However, you can do something positive for them as well by instiling positive feelings and thinking in them by talking about your dreams and convincing them so that they dont stand in your way.This is going to boost your self confidence as well .They may have a reason for being negative , so listen to them and to their reasoning and analyse why they feel so negative, is it their attitude or is there some valid reason? Once you have tackled the problem of negative people and their influences , you are now taking your fourth step towards success !

5,Overcome obstacles and rise above adverse conditions and circumstances
One must remember that the key to success is nothing but persistence and perseverance. Once you have decided to go after your dreams , you will face some road blocks,challenges and hurdles , but you must persist .I am reminded of a 79 year old widowed woman in my town , denied of a home that was rightfully hers, go to the corporation office every single day and sit on the steps with a placard on which was written the simple and straight forward message 'Please help me get back my home'. She did this every single working day for 3 months and was finally rewarded when the media highlighted her plight and others came forward to give her legal and monetary help . After more than a year she got back her home from some unsocial elements who had thrown her out of her home . So in life we must look for opportunities and if we dont find some we must make some. There is a saying ' The one who claims the winners cup, even when the race gets rough , is the one who keeps kicking and never gives up ! So once you are working persistently towards your goal you are taking your Fifth step towards success and you are almost there now !

6,Work on making your dreams a reality
You can make your dreams into reality only when you make a focused decision to keep going no matter what .You can reach your goals and attain succes only when you decide never ever to quit . Persistence ,the process of never giving up is the direct response of a postive mental attitude .It is the attitude or the step that is the key to all success stories. For all of us there are ups and downs in life , someone rightly said that in life you have either got a problem or just left one or you are on your way to a problem. The important thing is to remain focused , never waver and more importantly never quit.Often the goal is nearer though it might seem afar. We must remember that persistence and single minded determination is the answer for every disadvantage and limitation that would keep ordinary people from going after their dreams.Once you are sincere and determined in your efforts and have decided never to quit you are on your way to greater heights and taking your sixth step towards Success..

7, Live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it
How does one measure success? A wise man said that to him Success means that he stays Healthy,Humble and Hungry. According to him, it is important to be heathy otherwise life has no meaning and being humble makes him realise that he is here not to impress anyone but to get inspired by life , and finally staying hungry makes sure that he doesnt stay satisfied with little and will always try to better his best. Similarly , success is different to different people, you have to make sure that you have worked towards your idea of success rather than work on others ideas and to impress someone else.
Most people have misconception about success, they seem to think that it happens by chance and luck has something to do with it. But success does not happen by chance , but happens because we make the decision and work towards it .

There is a saying " Its a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best , you very often get it " So success is what we make of life and dont forget the little joys of life while you are working hard on it.Sky is the limit as far as ambitions and goals are concerned bu remember to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it which is far more important than any material success that you might find on the way..The final seventh step to success !

Author: Xavier        
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Cogratulations and thanks for the beautiful article.


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