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Risks of Sleeping with Pets

September 26, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 602

Modern world is becoming more pet-friendly. Loneliness of modern lifestyle has caused more attachment with pets. People, especially kids, want to eat and sleep with their pets. Reports warn about the risks of sleeping with pets.


Pets have been living with humans from dawn of humanity. They have been giving the best and faithful company to humans. Today, pets are a healthy antidote for the busy stressful condition of modern lifestyle. Pets are lovable and sincere in helping people.

Many people consider pets as their family members and share with them their normal life. They eat and sleep with them. They carry their pets wherever they want to go. Kids cannot part with their pets at any time. But sleeping with pets has many health risks.

Warning from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Americans are fond of fostering pets. Reports say that more than 45% houses in the country own either a dog or a cat as their pets. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the US has warned recently about the risks of sleeping with the pets. A study released by the Center says that more than 65% of the 165 million dogs and cats in the country share the beds of their owners. It has warned the owners that their health is at great risk if they continue to sleep with their pets.

Health risks of sleeping with pets

1) Medical people have brought out many cases of serious diseases, contracted from the pets they sleep with. Many infections spread through pets such as dogs and cats.

2) Sleeping with pets may cause spread of pathogens and zoonoses. They potentially transmit the agents of infection.

3) Cat scratch fever is as dangerous as pneumonia and meningitis. It leads to many infectious diseases.

4) Even if people are very careful with all preventive precautions, sleeping with pets has the risk of causing diseases.

5) When people are sick and their immunity is weak, they should not sleep with the pets since it will increase the potential of disease transmission.

6) When there are patients such as diabetics, heart patients and people who are HIV-positive at home, the risk of seriousness increases more. Human diseases can cause infections in the pets and may cause problems to the pets.

7) Veterinary scientists have warned that sharing your bed with your pets increases the chances of contracting everything from parasites to the plague. It affects the kids at home whose immunity is weak and cause bacterial infections easily.

8) Cats which are kept mostly indoors may have the risk of depositing mice and other critters in the bed. Though they stay indoors, they have the risk of fleas, ticks and other potential disease carriers.

It is good to have pets and love them as family members. But care should be taken to spread diseases through them. Providing separate beds for pets is healthy for humans as well as the pets.


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