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How to choose suitable eyeglass frames?

September 28, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1633

This article describes about choosing suitable eyeglasses frames. Things like frames for different kinds of faces, types of eyeglass frames, personal styling, difference between the eyeglass frames of men and women are discussed in this article. This article would be a great help for those who want to buy suitable eyeglass frames for themselves.


Today specs are in use not only for need or eye care but also because it carries along with it sensible style statement. The specs together with frames have the charisma to change the very way one looks and enhances one personality to a great extent. When it comes about choosing frames for glasses you need to be careful how it look when you wear it. For this you need to take certain factors in consideration like the shape of your face, the color of your skin, the designs on the frames and also the color of the frame. Does not this sound too difficult because you may be thinking how to choose a suitable frame from thousands of frames that are available? Relax! This is not a big deal because an optician or the various shops that sell specs can help you with choosing a suitable one for yourself.

Two things that you need to keep in mind before buying a frame

Before choosing a suitable eyeglass frame for your face you need to keep two things in mind. First, the shape of your face should contrast with the shape of the eyeglass frame and second the frame size should be in accordance with your face size. A bit bigger glass frame may make you look awkward while too smaller ones would mar the whole magic affect.

Frames for different types of faces

What is the perfect way to choose frames? You may certainly choose frames on the priority basis of how it looks on your face. Whenever you choose a frame you wear them to find out how it looks on you. But having a good idea on the [B}types of frames that suit a particular face type[/B] is something very useful. Let us check out the shape of faces that suit a particular type of frame:

For circular faces: If you have a round face then to make it appear thin and longer you need to opt for rectangular, angular and slim eyeglasses.

For oval faces: If you have an oval face then you may opt for wider eyeglass frames. This is so because an oval face has a proportionate dimension.

For oblong faces: If you have an oblong face you may try frames that have more depths and are decorative in nature. For instance you may choose a deep rectangular frame.

For square faces: If you have a square face, that is, equally wide and long then opt for frames that are wider and deep.

For diamond shaped faces: If you have a diamond-shaped face then you may bet for oval, square or rimless frames.

Types of eyeglass frames

Today full rim, semi rimless and rimless frames are very much in fashion. Full rim frames as the name suggests completely covers the glasses. The semi rimless ones cover only the top of the glasses. Rimless frames are lighter and you would get hardly any feel you are wearing a spec. The advantage with this is that it does not leave any mark on your face. The disadvantage is that if you are not careful it may slip down from your face. These frames can be worn on any of the face types. Days of bigger frames are over now. If you opt for smaller frames then you need to keep in mind that the vision becomes compact with these.

Always give your personal style the first preference

You need to think about your style and choose glass frames which go well with your skin color, type of face and the color of your dresses. Certainly, the colors of the frames state a lot about yourself. Deciding upon what impression you want spread around you about yourself choose a suitable one for yourself. You glass frames could tell if you are a jovial, bold or a strict professional.

Difference between men and women glass frames

Do you think that there is any difference the glass frames of men and women? Well, you may say what is the big deal for both of these have the things that most specs are made of, that is, glasses and frames. But in reality there are differences as shapes, sizes and frame color etc. Faces of men are bigger than women therefore the size of the frame is the first thing that differs most. Next the shape of the frame also differs to a great extent. Just imagine a woman wearing a man's spec and you will find that half of her face gets covered with the shape of the frame. Similarly, there are certain color of frames like pink or any other lighter color that suits women more than men. Hence, there is a difference between the men and women glass frames.

Past experience helps

If you have worn spec in the past you have some added advantages. You can consider the several pros and cons about it like what features your last pair of spec were lacking and what you liked best about it. You also need to think what great feature you want to have in your new glass frame, you new glass frame should have a nose pad or not etc.

Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 10/10/2012    Points:3    

A very informative article. I wear glasses for a long time (since my 11th grade). I remember the time when i was looking for a spectacle frame and could not find one which would suit my face. It was difficult and those times i had no information about how to choose glass frame. I am sure this article will be very helpful for people who wear glasses and find it difficult to settle for a frame. thanks for sharing this information.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 10/13/2012    Points:3    

Thanks Sarika for your first invaluable comment on this article. As you have rightly pointed out this article is written keeping in mind the different aspects one should consider while buying suitable eyeglasses for oneself. I once again would like to appreciate the fact that you have taken out some of your valuable time to go through the article.

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