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How parents could help the children in overcoming failures and rejections?

September 29, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 771

Today, children are feeling the pinch of life more as their childhood is getting lost somewhere in the present rat race. This article explains why children feel rejected, the problem of failure to face rejection and the role of parents to overcome the problems of failures and rejections residing in the innocent minds of the children.


The surrounding environment and parents have a great influence on the all around growth of children. A child grows up observing very closely the behavior, manner and relationship of the father, mother and other members of the family. Today, children are bound in a very tight schedule. After returning from school they need to move out for swimming, dancing, singing, tennis, cricket, yoga clubs etc. which make their schedules even tighter. They need to do these stuffs or else they may left behind in the rat race. They need to be in tandem with these activities to be opined as a good child. Their innocent minds could not sketch out how their performance in life could affect their parents life. They only know that if they do not perform well they may offend their parents.

Why children feel rejected?

To make a pace with the busy lifestyle children sometime get lost in their inner darkness of soul. They lose the charm of their precious childhood and even forget to express their opinions. The busy parents try to console them by buying them expensive gifts. They want to them to maintain decorum and follow discipline. Sometimes, parents do not want their child to speak about their personal liking and disliking which even makes the situation worse. All these adds up to decay the charm of relationship between parents and children.

Problem of failure to face rejection

Today parents and elders are somehow forgetting to teach their child that in life success and failures are like the two sides of the coin and they co-exists. As a result, children act ignorant in life as they do not know how to fight with the problems in life. This very situation of life sorts the young mind to take some drastic steps in their lives like suicide. This very problem in the life of a youngster is known as failure to face rejection.

Role of parents to overcome failure and rejection within child

Today parents need to bring in a change in the relationship they share with their children. Following some proper and reasonable way would help the relationships grow better and it would certainly help the child emotionally too. Let us check out some of the ways how parents could bring in a change in their behavior and thus help the child to overcome failures and rejections in life:

*. Listen to what he/she have to say and try to give a neutral thought about the same.

*. If he/she does not pay attention to studies or misbehaves take out some time to explain why it is not to reasonable to do so.

*. Do not compare your child with anyone. If you do so it would hurt him/her very badly and it is also not good for your child.

*. Do not scold or nag your child no matter how big a mistake he/she commits. Explain with a cool mind you thoughts and opinions about the matter.

*. Explain him/her to accept failures as easily as success in life. Give him/her sufficient real life examples from your life to make it clear that one could retrieve from failures if he/she is determined about it.

*. Never fail to express your pleasure no matter how small his/her achievement is. Inform him/her that you are happy about it and if it would have been better you would have been happier.

*. Prepare him/her to take responsibilities which would help him/her in the future life. Allow him/her to take decision in some small day to day household matters.

*. Do not avoid your child and do not let him/her get unnoticed. Never make any false commitment to your child.

*. You also need to take care that there is a better relationship among the members of the family.

*. Spend sufficient time with your child as a friend so that he/she could enjoy some quality time with you. Play with them and share some small and big light moments with him/her.


You need to take the role of a mediator to explain your child that this world is a mixture of everything. If there are failures, rejections etc. then there is also success, acceptance etc and if things are not going on well one should never lose hope. One needs to face the adverse situations bravely and pave their own ways to success. After all what is life what these experiences. The early and better you will be able to convey these to them the better it would be for their future life. You need to remember the simple fact that you are like the foundation of their life on which their future, success and happiness depend on.

Author: Xavier        
Posted Date: 09/30/2012    Points:2    


Wonderful article.I agree with you totally. Parents'' role in helping children to overcome failures and rejections is most important. As a foster father to orphans,I find this task very challenging yet satisfying. Thanks for the article.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 09/30/2012    Points:3    

Agreed , very well written and informative...I too tend to think that although it is ones own interest to admit mistakes, it should not become a deterrent or a be the cause of unhappiness when a child is constantly made to feel guilty...It becomes the duty of the parents to recognise a child''s weakness as well as strength and work on them..
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 10/01/2012    Points:2    

Thanks Xavier,

I am really happy that you found the article helpful and interesting interesting. A big thank you for your first comment.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 10/01/2012    Points:2    


Thanks for appreciating the article and I am really glad that you found the article interesting. At the same time I accept your views and thoughts about the same.

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