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How to stay away from constipation

October 01, 2012  by: Sapna Chaurasia  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 506

The article describes in details how to avoid the symptoms of constipation and to promote proper digestion.


There are many of us who stay inactive and feel lazy throughout the day if they are unable to freshen up in the morning. According to the doctors if a person passes stool less than three times a week he is suffering from constipation. Constipation is a common gastrointestinal problem and there are many of us who experience it at some time or the other. Constipation often refers to infrequent, irregular or incomplete bowel movement that are difficult to pass. The condition hinders body’s natural self cleansing phenomenon of evacuating the wastes from the body .
People from all age groups can fall prey to constipation , the reasons attributed to this disorder being the unhealthy lifestyle that mainly include improper food habits and wrong toilet habits. The most common mistakes that invite constipation are as follows
Lack of sufficient fiber in the diet.
Drinking insufficient fluid.
Overlook the urge to pass stool.
Lack of exercise.
Change in routine.
Stress and depression.
Side effect of certain medicines.

Ways to avoid Constipation

There are various easy and reachable ways that stay around us and help us to get rid of constipation but the point is to practice it sincerely to keep our digestive system active. A digestion that is sluggish owing to the wrong eating choices is also responsible for such disorders. A person who is constipated should follow the below guidelines in order to avoid constipation.

Include a diet rich in fiber

The presence of sufficient amount of fiber is necessary to keep the bowel movement regular. A person should have about 20-35 grams of fiber content in the diet to avoid the symptoms of constipation. It's the most important aspect of a healthy diet to promote a better digestion. Fiber in diet can ease constipation as it forms the bulk of stool and makes it soft for easy moving through the intestine. The insoluble fiber presence in food does not dissolve in water and serves to form the bulk of intestine for faster movement through the intestine. The soluble fibers on the other hand absorbs water and combines with fatty acids to make a gel like substance that makes stool soft for promoting painless excretion. Food that is low in fiber content can stay in the intestine for longer period making the stool had alleviating the chances of constipation.
Apart from these benefits, eating a fiber rich diet makes you feel fuller for a long time preventing you to munch over the unhealthy fast food and control the sweet cravings. Fiber in food also facilitates the cleansing of the intestine when the food moves through the digestive system. Include raw fruits and vegetables in your diet as they are naturally rich in fiber and nutrition and help lubricate the intestinal tract. Consuming whole grain product, bran, oatmeals, nuts, soy can relieve you from the constipation as they are full of fibers. Limiting your consumption of white rice, white pasta, white bread and other edibles made of refined flour can also help as these can aggravate constipation symptoms owing to their low fiber content. Fruits and vegetables like apple, berries, pear, prunes, papaya, oranges, potato with skin, beans, mushrooms, pumpkin are a very high source of fiber and should be made a part of the daily diet.

Keep yourself hydrated

Presence of adequate amount of fluids in the diet is another condition to keep constipation at bay. Everyone should ensure their everyday water intake to be about 8-10 glasses which are required to carry out the important metabolic process like digestion to occur at optimum level. Loss of water in the body can lead to dehydration which ultimately causes constipation and other digestive related disorders. In order to work properly fiber requires water to facilitate proper bowel movement. Drinking liquid also keeps the stool soft for easy evacuation from the body. However while drinking plain water is beneficial, over intake of beverages like tea, coffee, cold drinks and alcohols can further spoil the condition as these drinks are dehydrating. Go for whole fresh fruits as this can make up the for the absence of fiber in the juice.

Avoid milk and other dairy products

People who are constipated are often advised to cut down their milk consumption as milk is known to cause the symptoms of constipation. Milk products lack fiber and the calcium content in milk often absorbs water from the intestine making the stool hard and dry that can give rise to the symptoms.

Avoid high fat food

Food items high in fat content include dairy products, poultry, meat, processed food, fast food and fish etc. should be consumed in limited amounts if a person is suffering from constipation. Intake of processed food and fast food should be restricted as they not only lack fiber but have high calories with no nutritive value. The amount of fiber in non vegetarian food is also limited moreover it is difficult to digest and takes a longer time to get fully digested hence their intake should be accompanied by raw fruits and vegetables in the form of salads to meet the fiber requirement.

Practice proper toilet habits

It is very important to understand your body’s needs as ignoring the urge of passing stool can produce severe constipation symptom. There are times when people hold on and avoid going to the toilet just been too busy or can wait till they reach home. Practicing such habits can not only make them physically uncomfortable but can also raise the chances of constipation by weakening the signals to use the toilet over time.


Including daily workout is beneficial for the whole body just as it is good for the digestion. Practicing yoga , jogging, cycling, swimming and exercising can result in a body that is fit and active. It also benefits digestion to get rid of disorders like constipation.

Stress and depression

These psychological disorders are also responsible for worsening the condition. Being stressful and depressed gives rise to many disorders and diseases constipation being one of them. Staying happy in a positive state of mind has its benefits to the whole body as well as on the system. A happy and healthy mind is the foremost condition that leads to a body that is healthy and free of diseases.


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