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Time Management - Priotizing The Tasks

October 01, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 835

Making a list based on priority also reduces the need to panic or rush and reduce the chances of our making mistakes.Your also save time and money by doing this !


Prioritizing puts you in control of all your work responsibilities ,whether in your career or at home . Making a master list and then distinguishing those tasks that need to be acted upon first, is what Prioritizing is all about !We cannot accomplish everything in one day so we have to see which ones needs to be looked into each day and act upon those.

It is no good taking decisions when you are tired and emotionally drained.Many times we are stressed with too many things, all happening at the same time.It certainly does help us to achieve things faster and finish all that we intended to do, if we pause to organize things instead of fretting or becoming negative and later regretting having achieved nothing !

Nowadays most of us are multi tasking and doing more than one thing outside the house as well and within our home . So it is all the more essential to become organized and see which of the tasks needs to be given priority and which task can be taken up at a later date.Earlier whenever I stepped out of the house to buy some essentials for the house or do some errands like going to the Post office,Bank or paying bills etc; I used to forget one or two things and I had to link it with other things the next day and forget some other job. So, now I make a list of all the jobs I have to do. I even make a list going by the order, so that I can tackle jobs one at a time, going to the farthest place and then covering other places that are closer . This has really helped me in organizing my day today activities and I am able to accomplish much more by doing this .There is no question of forgetting certain jobs now. It is the same with shopping.

Some points to remember

1, Making a list is very essential as it saves unnecessary expenditure if one sticks to one's list of essentials. It also saves some quality time that may be spent otherwise running around on your various daily activities. A planned list of essentials and making a route plan is very helpful here so that you don't run around in circles.

2, Another very important fact is to curb one's spending. Making a list definitely helps you in sticking to a budget and the list in hand and you don't over spend or buy things that are not absolutely essential.

3, Making several lists helps - like bill payments , work in the bank , visiting the dentist etc; and ,one for other important things that you need to remember like call someone on a certain day or wishing someone on their birthday!

4, It is a great idea to have a running list, so that you can keep adding to it as and when things run out.This stops you from buying things that are not wanted.Most of us have the urge to be impulsive at times and splurge when we go out shopping. The things we end up buying may or may not seem that attractive after it has been bought.

5, One also realizes that there are many things which one could live without instead of buying on an impulse. So when we plan our shopping list we are not only able to buy what is needed , we also save quite a bit of money by doing so.

6, Once you make your lists also write the dates when a certain task needs t be done like for example paying a bill or going to the dentist etc..this makes it easier to finish the tasks at hand by prioritizing them.

7, Keep the list where you and your entire family can see it- either fix it under a magnate on the fridge or under the telephone ! The idea is that you should be able to act upon your list of tasks and not forget it or lose the list and the various tasks remain unfulfilled !

Instead of procrastinating , we should make a schedule and try to keep to it as much as possible. Whatever is not done, can carry forward to the next day. This way, we know what we are doing and keep a note of our productivity.Making a list based on priority also reduces the need to panic or rush and reduce the chances of our making mistakes.


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