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The side effects, social affects and the success rate of ban on the gutka?

October 01, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 1075

This article describes the side effects, social affects and the success rate of ban on the gutka. Besides, a brief introduction about gutka is also provided to inform the readers about gutka. Finally, some description is also provided on how to quit gutka successfully.


Gutka addiction is spreading like a wildfire among the people. A lot is said and written about it but its usage and popularity among the mass is sky rocketing. Though statutory warning is there on the packets of gutka but it gets ignored by the people who consumes it on a regular basis.

What is Gutka?

Gukta is prepared from betel nuts, slaked lime, chewing tobacco etc. and it is brownish or white in color. It is available in small packets ranging from rupees two to rupees ten depending on the size of the packets. Now-a-days, gutka is prepared in different flavors to attract customers and evidently it is ranging at the top of the selling list. The flavors are also attracting the teenage groups as its customers.

Important side effects of gutka

Since it is attracting customers from the age of ten to 70 its side effects are also worth giving a notice. Let us check out some of the important side effects of the gutka:

*. Gutka makes one addictive very easily.

*. Researches have already proved the fact that consumption of gutka results in cancer. It can result to oral and food pipe cancer.

*. Consumption of too much gutka makes the mucus membrane of the mouth very sticky which makes it difficult to open the mouth. The size of the mouth gradually decreases with time.

*. Too much consumption of gukta erodes the teeth. It also leaves red scar on the teeth.

*. When gukta is spitted on a wall it leaves a reddish coloring material which is very difficult to remove.

Ban on gutka

The government of some states in India including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Mumbai have banned the manufacture and sell of gutka considering the health aspect of people. Any food product that contains harmful ingredients could be banned under the food safety and regulation act. But still there is the news that through ban is imposed hoarding and [B]selling of gukta is still carried out by the shops. The good news is that the thoughts on a ban of gutka is going on in some other states also including Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Assam.

How successful is the ban?

Was the ban on gutka really successful? Well, it is a very debatable question to answer. Some are of the opinions that the ban has really worked out and people would live a more healthy life in the future. Together with this we would be able to breed a strong group of generation which would be useful for our nation. Contrary to this there is also some negative opinions regarding the same. Some say that banning of gutka did not work out properly for it has led to black marketing. People affected with gutka addiction still get their quota of gutka from the sellers at a high price. The law is there that selling or consuming of the same would be fined in monetary terms but this law is pen and paper only. Banning of gutka has also raised the consumption of cigarettes and liquors among the people. People are also of the opinion that the lapses in proper implementation of the law from the part of the government has failed the ultimate objective of the ban.

Gutka affects one's social life

Recently many cases have been witnessed where couples got separated because of gutka addiction. The female partners especially the wives have left their husband because they are addicted to gutka. The wives also claimed the fact that though their male partners promised several times to quit gutka consumption but eventually failed. Sometimes, when the female partners tried to stop them they even tend to get aggressive about it and warned them about dire consequences. It is true that the person who consumes gukta their social life goes for a total flip. People often dislike to sit beside or talk with someone who consumes gutka because of the unpleasant smell which it emits. Brave are those who took the final determination of quitting the habit and gave importance to the social life and family.

How to quit gutka?

According to the views of the doctors one needs determination to quit gutka very much like for the addiction of cigarettes and liquors. Those who want to quit gutka have to make up their mind that no matter what they would not touch gutka in life and follow the same strictly. Until and unless one remains determined about not touching gutka in life he/she would not be able to successfully quit it. If required one needs to seek the help of doctors and attend classes on counseling, therapy etc. The best way to quit gutka is to make oneself mentally strong together with the right doses of determination and will power. Once decided quit it one the very first day as is mentioned in the modern research. Gutka is not at all such a great thing that one need to quit it gradually. Give a full stop on the very first day and you will find that it would be easier to quit it very soon.


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