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Ten Commandments For a Healthy Life

October 02, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 581

God created human beings to be healthy and happy. Everyone wants to be healthy. But health problems are increasing due to negligence in diet and lifestyle. Here are ten commandments that assure your health and happiness.


Health is the greatest wealth of life. It is the main source of happiness. Everyone wants to be healthy and happy. Then how come there are so many health problems today? New types of diseases are creeping in as time goes on. How to escape from these diseases and lead a healthy life? Here are the ten commandments for a healthy life.

1) Eat healthily

Diet has an important role in health. Modern fast food culture creates many health hazards. It is very difficult to get food commodities, free from pesticides and chemicals. Even if we get organic, it is very essential to plan a healthy diet. But if we try it is possible. Eating healthily is the first commandment.

2) Stretch for flexibility

Modern lifestyle has become more sedentary than ever. We may not be able to avoid such a lifestyle. But we can adjust to it by making occasional movements. Stretching the body is quite essential. It is ideal to do some stretching movements as you get up in the morning. It should make the body flexible.

3) Exercise an important daily chore

Regular exercise for at least 15-20 minutes should be a part of daily life. Regular practice of some aerobic activities and muscle strengthening exercises can provide you protection from heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, arthritic pains, and can also improve your overall health.

4) Play a game for fun

Games or sports should make you joyful. Take them as a fun. They should keep up your good spirits and help you fit, physically and mentally. They increase your body’s potential of burning calories.

5) Warm up and cool down

Warming up and cooling down before and after exercises make your practices fruitful. They are is just a slow process of exercises you do. They prepare the body and mind.

6) Take an oil massage every week

It has been a traditional custom in South India to massage the body every week with essential oils and take oil bath. It has been yielding good results. It is a part of Ayurvedic life.

7) Hydrate yourself by drinking sufficient water

Drinking sufficient water and taking care of eliminating waste are very important for health. Pure water plays a vital role in flushing toxins out of vital organs, carrying nutrients to cells and providing a moist environment. Elimination of toxins also is equally important.

8) Take vitamins or supplements

In the modern lifestyle it has become inevitable to take additional vitamins and supplements to protect health and prevent diseases. Fresh vegetables and fruits can provide the supplements needed.

9) Relax and sleep

Today, life is more stressful leading to physical and psychological problems. Relaxation techniques and sleep are necessary to protect health. They help you keep in good mood and manage your stress.

10) Do some yoga with meditation

Yoga, the Ayurvedic way of life, is popular everywhere. They shield you from diseases and protect body and mind. They help you lead a balanced life.

The ten commandments for your health are not new. They have been in practice from the very creation of life. But in the fast modern life it has become essential to consider them seriously.
My article published in expertscolumn.com under my name vpaulose


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