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Home Remedies for Diarrhea

October 04, 2012  by: Sapna Chaurasia  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.45   Views: 1197

Diarrhea is a very common problem, the article contains some effective remedies which are easily available in the home to prevent this disorder.


Diarrhea is a very common disorder which is commonly called as loose motion. The condition characterizes frequent watery bowel movement accompanied with vomiting, stomach pain, thirst, fever, nausea and dehydration. It is commonly caused by food poisoning, food or water contaminated with bacteria or virus, food allergens, excess alcohol consumption, intake of laxatives and caffeins.

Diarrhea has two forms acute and chronic diarrhea. Acute diarrhea is also called as non inflammatory, it is a temporary condition which causes frequent loose with stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and gas. It is mainly caused due to bacteria and virus in the food. Other reasons for acute diarrhea could be lactose intolerant, sweeteners such as sorbitol, too much vitamin C and certain antibiotics. Chronic diarrhea is for a long term and sometimes fatal in children and elderly. It requires proper treatment and is a dangerous form of diarrhea.

Treating Diarrhea with Herbal Remedies

The body uses diarrhea as a protected means to flush out harmful content facilitating body’s natural cleansing process. Drugs taken to cure diarrhea can only temporarily relieve the symptoms but it does not cure it effectively. Drugs often hampers bowel protective function to remove the damaging substances which it has acquired from contaminated food. The home remedy is the safest most effective way to treat diarrhea and bring back the body into balance. It is easier yet beneficial and do not have any side effect like with those in the case of drugs. However chronic diarrhea lasts for long and it requires serious consultation with physician. These herbal remedies help cure diarrhea while restoring strength and health. Along with plenty of rest and fluids following home remedies should be followed to treat diarrhea.


When fat is removed from the yogurt by churning the residual milk left is buttermilk. It helps to overcome harmful intestinal flora and re-establish the benign or friendly flora. Acids present in buttermilk help fight germs and bacteria in the intestine. It should be consumes 3-4 times a day with a pinch of salt.

Carrot Soup

It makes up for the fluid loss due to dehydration. It also replenishes minerals like sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, magnesium. It supplies pectin and coats the intestine to allay inflammation. It checks the multiplication of harmful bacteria in the intestine and preventing vomiting. Carrot soup is made by boiling half kilograms of carrots in 150 ml water until it gets soft. The pulp is then strained out and boiling water is added to the residual water to make it a litre. With three quarter tablespoon salt it is given to the patient in small amounts every half an hour.


It is an effective cure for diarrhea owing to its astringent properties. When the patient becomes weak due to profuse and continuous purging 50 ml of pomegranate juice should be given repeatedly.


Turmeric is famous for its medicinal properties and is a valuable home remedy for diarrhea. It is antiseptic, tonic and also a gastric stimulant. It can be used as an effective cure for diarrhea in the form of fresh turmeric rhizome juice or as dry powder in case of chronic diarrhea. One tablespoon of dry powder or fresh juice can be taken with a cup of buttermilk or water.


Ginger provides quick relief from diarrhea due to its carminative effect. It aids digestion by stimulating the gastrointestinal tract. If diarrhea occurs due to indigestion then fresh and dry ginger gives good results. One piece of dry ginger is powdered along with a small piece of rock salt. A quarter teaspoon of this powder is taken with a small piece of jaggery to cure diarrhea.


Eating banana is another beneficial home remedy to control diarrhea. It contains pectin and also encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Mango Seeds

Mango seeds collected during the mango season can provide relief from diarrhea. The seed can be dried in the shade, powdered, and stored later for medicinal usage. A half teaspoon of this powder can be taken with honey two times a day to get relief.


It is one of the best and most effective remedy to cure treat diarrhea. A tablespoon of fenugreek is fried along butter and taken with a cup of buttermilk two times a day can help cure this disorder.


Mint leaves are very beneficial in curing this disease. A tablespoon of fresh mint leaves is mixed with a tablespoon each of honey and lime juice three times a day gives excellent results.

Bottle gourd

Bottle guard juice is an excellent replacement of water and can be given to the patient having severe urge of drinking due to severe diarrhea. A glass of bottle gourd juice with a pinch of salt can be given daily to get relief from this situation.


Garlic is an effective and powerful antibiotic. It is helpful in killing worms in the intestine and also aids in digestion. It is a harmless remedy to cure diarrhea.


This is a useful remedy for children suffering from diarrhea. Rice can be charred and a tablespoon of it is mixed in a glass of buttermilk. This liquid is offered in small quantity for every thirty minutes. For infants showing diarrhea symptoms, boil rice in extra water, drain the rice and use rice water in their bottles to relieve diarrhea. This will also relax the upset stomach.

Leaves of Drumsticks

Fresh leaves of drumsticks can be used to prepare the juice which is mixed with a glass of coconut water and a tablespoon of honey. It is effective home remedy and should be administered three times a day to get improved results.


Tomato juice mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper is given to the patient suffering from diarrhea in the morning to get relief from this condition.


Yogurt is very good for stomach and also facilitates proper digestion. It contains friendly bacteria and lines the intestine to protect from harmful parasites causing diarrhea. It produces lactic acid in the intestine which kills nasty bacteria and helps feel better. It is very beneficial in curing diarrhea cause by oral antibiotics. As antibiotics kill helpful bacteria present in the intestine but live culture yogurt replenish for those harmless bacteria.


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