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Dry Wish of Gandhiji and Drink Wish of the Indians

October 04, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 519

Gandhiji, Father of India, wished that his nation should be free from alcohol. He said alcohol is the main cause of many evils in the society. His birthday, Gandhi Jayanti, is observed as dry day, prohibition of alcohol sale and distribution. But people of the country are growing more alcoholic.


Seventy five years ago, on 3 October, 1937, The Milwaukee Journal came out with the Indian news about a desperate battle against alcohol and for Freedom of the country. It reported news about the prohibition in India with the headline “Dry Crusade Is Begun on Gandhi’s Birthday” and reported that the crusade began to mark “frail and little man” Mohandas Gandhi’s 68th birthday which was observed throughout the Indian subcontinent with mass meetings and prayers and the inauguration of the prohibition campaign at Madras(now Chennai). The Madras province officials smashed liquor bottles in the streets and ten shops(new) opened to compete with the toddy(local liquor) shops. The propagation against alcohol began in 1937 and the “dry day” (abstinence from alcohol and closing of liquor shops) began on 2 October, 1948, being the first birthday after the assassination of the “Father of the Nation”.

Gandhi Jayanti is a dry day, free from alcohol

The Government of India observes 2 October as Gandhi Jayanti, the birthday of the Father of the nation. It is observed as a dry day. After indepen­dence of the country in 1947, abstinence from alcohol was included in the Directive Principles of India and the Constitution of India has adopted prohibition as a national policy. Some states such as Gujarat, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland have prohibited manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol.

Although it has been regulated as law in many states, it has become a failure in the country on the whole. Many states have revoked or changed the prohibition policy. Only certain days, including gandhi Jayanti, are observed as dry days when liquor shops and restaurants and hotels serving alcohol are closed on those days. The increasing trend in sales of liquors and the proceedings of the states show that people are not for prohibition of alcohol. Moreover, states do not want to forgo the considerable amount that they get through taxes on alcohol industry and hence, they permit alcohol consumption.

Increase in alcohol production, sales and distribution

Statistics report that alcohol production, sales and distribution are steadily increasing in the country. Rapid growth of bars and nightclubs in recent years in cities and suburbs clearly shows that people are for alcohol. Today, consumption of alcohol has become an inevitable choice modern lifestyle.

India is celebrating the 143rd birthday of the Father of the nation. Gandhiji wanted his people to be dry, abstaining from alcohol. But the people of modern India, especially the youngsters, want to be wet by enjoying alcohol.

My article published in expertscolumn.com under my name vpaulose


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