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Seniors Can Jump in Joy Now

October 04, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health    Views: 473

Senior people and people who have joint pains can jump in joy now. They do not lift anything fearing suffering more pains. They can easily overcome their joint pains with the following tips.


Aging has its own problems. As people age, they are unable to do continuous physical tasks. They have to take rest in between activities. Due to their joint pain they are unable to engage in the same fun things they were doing earlier. They need not lose heart. Recent researchers have proved that some strength training exercises can help seniors reduce their joint pain and also improve their muscle strength.

Will weight lifting exercises increase muscle pain?

Many people think that weight training is only for athletes and young people who go to gym. It is not avanity pursuit. It is one of the most effective strategies to protect bone health and improve metabolism. It improves good cholesterol HDL.

Now anyone can lift light weights

Many elderly people do not do any exercise since they have joint problems. But studies have revealed that seniors and people who have joint pain can do strength training exercises and protect their bones at the same time enhance their immunity. Researchers say that they should do some strength training as many times as they reach the point of fatigue. They can start from very low weights and slowly can increase. But they should stop at the point of fatigue.

Recent studies on strength training

Studies of high-intensity strength training in nursing home residents have shown that strength training yields a lot of benefits to seniors and others and that the exercises can also be done safely. They suggest that doing strength exercises regularly can reduce joint pain in seniors and improve their muscle strength.

Consult a doctor before beginning the practice

Consulting with the doctor, seniors can begin their strength training of lifting manageable weights that they can repeat till they get fatigued. Though they may feel shaking in legs and arms they need not stop till they feel fatigue.

What is fatigue limit?
Fatigue is the limit of stopping for a while to give rest. It is the maximal effort that may differ in individuals.

Move around often

You can achieve health benefits by doing simple exercises such as walking and gardening. Do not misunderstand that you need to run a mile or walk 10,000 steps a day to make you fit. Exercises are essential. At the same time sitting for hours together is dangerous. Stand up and move around every hour and get some fresh air. Fresh energy flowing into your body can relieve you from your stress and depression.

Strength exercises need not be expensive. You can use things available at home. For example, sit back in the chair straight and extend your arms and legs slowly. Any movement can fill you with fresh energy.



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