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Eco-friend of Assisi

October 06, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 525

Love of nature made Francis the first eco-saint. He showed the world a new path of nonviolence and love. His way of life gives solutions to many of the modern problems.


He loved nature. He called animals and birds as his brothers and sisters. Likewise he called the sun and moon. He conversed with plants and insects. Every creature was his sibling. Humans loved and lived in his heart. Everyone was good for him. He could not see anyone with anger or hatred. In everyone and in every creature, he just saw the image of loving God. It was St. Francis of Assisi.

He hailed from the Italian city Assisi in a well-to-do family in the twelfth century. He was brought up with all comforts since his family had all the privileges and expectations of a wealthy Italian family of his time. As an ambitious youth he took active part in military , but was defeated and captured. that was a turning point in his life. He turned to contemplate the ways and love of God. He abandoned everything and began to wander like a vagabond. He prayed and contemplated. He asked God to show what way he should walk. It was then that he heard a voice directing him to rebuild “His church”. Francis thought it was the local parish church which had been in a dilapidated condition. But again and again he was given the message that the church meant was the Christian church of his time.
The gospel message of Saint Francis

A preacher of love

When Francis understood cleared the mission that was entrusted to him, he began to preach about the love of God. he traveled on foot and ate by begging. He pointed out how people were living a life against the love of God. Many joined him as his disciples. They preached the message of love that Jesus Christ brought to this world. They lived a simple life sharing everything. Love and nonviolence were the way of life that Francis taught. His high ideals became popular and gave a great solace to the war-torn world of the 13th century.

The gospel message of Saint Francis

Love is beyond all the boundaries of religions, though religions insist loving one another. The gospel message of St. Francis of Assisi is pure love. It is selfless love towards all creatures. It is real love that expects no rewards or returns. Even the one who did wrong to him was embraced by him with great love. He had no aversion or hatred towards anyone. That made him look at every creature, living or nonliving, as his own sibling. That was his gospel message.

The first eco-saint Francis

From the very first day of his change, Francis began to look at every creature in nature as the image of God that reflected His great love. He saw the blazing presence of God in the sun, moon and stars. He felt special kinship with nature which he insisted every time, saying that all things reflected some aspect of God’s love. He looked at the positive side of things and appreciated everything. He convinced others that those who lived in love could experience a sense of communion with God and His creation. This new outlook made him the first eco-saint.

St. Francis of Assisi showed the world a new way of life. It is the universal love. It had no boundaries of any division. The modern world which is heading towards a fast decay needs to follow the universal love of this saint.



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