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Has God Left Gods Own Country?

October 06, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Travel & Places    Views: 1200

Kerala, a small state in South India, has been boasting that it is blessed as God''s Own Country. Rich in natural beauty and healthiest place to live in, Kerala is one of the fifty important tourist spots of the world. But the present situation in Kerala makes us if it is worthy of keeping up that title.


Kerala is a beautiful state in South India. It has been called "God's Own Country" because of its bountiful natural beauty and rich heritage. Anyone who visits the state will be taken up by its natural beauty. The fascinating scenes of swaying palms leaning to the water, lush green rolling hills of the Western Ghats, the endless winding waterways of the backwaters, chirping birds, humming bees and insects, make it matchlessly beautiful.

One of the most beautiful places of world tourism

Kerala is a host of wildlife reserves and national parks that are enriched with natural resources such as spices, aromatic products, etc. The spices and wildlife products have been attracting ancient world for centuries. It is this attraction that marked turning points in world history. Even now, there are many rare species of plants, animals, birds and insects which still attract the modern world.
No wonder that Kerala has been recognized as one of the fifty most beautiful tourist centers of the world.

Why God's own country?

The legend in the background of this title is very interesting. Lord Vishnu, in his sixth incarnation as sage Parasurama, created this piece of land by throwing his axe into the sea from a mountain where he was doing a severe penance to annihilate the vengeful Kshatriyas.The sea receded and the beautiful Kerala was created.

The present corrupt condition of God's country

1) Increasing pollution
Once it was a pollution free state. But today it is threatened by the environmental crisis by mounting garbages everywhere. Urbanization, misuse of water sources, carelessness of people and governments have drastically affected the state’s flora and fauna. The beautiful harbor city Kochi, is so badly polluted by effluent that local people and today it is the feeding place of mosquitos.

2) No security in God's country
People are unable to live peacefully because of the selfish politics that torment the state. Nobody can predict the political strikes and Bandhs which paralyze the state. Though a small state, Kerala ranks highest in the country on incidents of violent rioting and arson.

3) Selfish politics corroding the state
The famous cine-actor Mohanlal has deplored how God's country had lost its merit. Exploitation of natural resources has crippled the state. Entrepreneurs hesitate to start any industry in the state because of this pitiable condition.

4) Alcohol and drug addiction spoiling the youngsters
Statistics reveal the shocking figures of alcohol and drug use in the state.

5) Increasing crimes
Kerala is in the first place of states publishing obscene articles or photos on the Internet, according to a recent government data. It tops the cyber crime cases list. It has been stamped as the most crime-prone state, ahead of Uttar Pradesh and even Delhi.

The list goes on. Kerala, once a mesmerizing God’s Own Country, has lost its merit and name by the selfish and corrupt activities of the modern generations. Sage Parasurama should come once again and throw his axe on the growing selfishness to redeem the name it has lost recently.


Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 10/19/2012    Points:2    

I am also a malayalee. Now, the situation of kerala is really showing that the gods own country is changing to devils own country. In my opinion our all systems and problems need a change to the better future of kerala.

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