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Tips to Solve Problems of School Going Children with Flower Remedies

October 06, 2012  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 1463

Children face many mental problems during the course of their schooling. Many of these problems can be solved with Bach Flower Remedies.


Everyone likes their children to study well and be successful in their lives. Yet many a times, in spite of the utmost support from the parents and the best effort from the children such mental conditions arise which deter the students from achieving success. It makes their parents, teachers and well wishers sad. Children have tender minds. They can easily get disturbed, derailed and damaged, causing immense worry to their parents. Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, did extensive research on the remedial properties of flowers from 1930 to 1936 and discovered 38 flowers having properties which can heal mental disorders of different kinds. Some of these floral remedies can be effectively used to bring mental equilibrium and make the path of the students smooth and problem-free. Some of the schooling related problems are mentioned below with their remedies:
1. Lack of concentration - Some children cannot concentrate on their studies. As their heart is not in their studies they cannot comprehend their lessons and make some mistakes over and over again. The remedy for such children is Chest Nut Bud.
2. Lack of energy - Some children study with concentration but get tired soon and tend to leave their study before anything substantial has been learnt. Flower remedy Olive will help these children to study attentively for a long time.
3. Fear of examinations - Sometimes children become nervous as the days of examinations draw near. They fear examinations and begin to suffer from fever, diarrhea, headache, sleeplessness etc. Mimulus is the remedy for examination fear.
4. Forgetfulness - Some children have good memory but they forget all answers in the examination hall. The answers come back to memory after the examination. Scleranthus will solve this problem.
5. Loss of energy - Some children know all the answers but cannot write them all as their fingers begin to ache half way into the examination. Olive can give them the necessary energy.
6. Loss of self- confidence - Sometimes children lose their self- confidence in certain subjects because they scored poor marks in them. To boost their self-confidence give them Larch.
7. Haunting thoughts - If children cannot memorize a certain part of their lesson, the thought haunts them. This disturbs them further in their work. White Chest Nut will restore peace in their mind.
8. Feeling of incapability - Some children cannot begin to study because they feel they will not be able to complete the preparation. Hornbeam is the remedy for this kind of weakness.
9. Despair - Sometimes children lose all hope in certain subject. They feel they can never do well in that subject. Gorse is the remedy for this despair.
10. Inability to bear separation - Sometimes children don’t like to go to school because they are attached to their mothers and cannot bear separation from them. Chicory will help these children to go to school happily.
11. Hatred for school - If a child hates to go to school because someone in the school scolded or punished him, Holly will dispel the hatred.
12. Mental shocks - Sometimes children suffer mental shock due to the sudden death of their dear friend, a close relative or even a pet. Star of Bethlehem is the remedy which will restore them to normalcy.
13. Homesickness - Sometimes children have to go to boarding schools or have to be away from home for higher education. Their studies suffer because they suffer from homesickness. Honey Suckle will help them get over their homesickness.
14. Bad habits - Sometimes children fall into bad company and get into bad habits like smoking, drug taking, tobacco chewing or betel chewing. Walnut is the good friend which can help them get rid of bad habits.
These remedies are made from tender flowers and are fully suitable for tender children. They have no side effects and so can safely be given to children. I usually mix two drops of the remedies in globules (No 30) filled in 5 ml phials and tell the children to take 5 globules thrice a day.
Mind is the most important instrument in the field of studies. This part of the human body too can be kept healthy by nourishing food, regular life, physical exercise and meditation. A healthy mind in a healthy body will help children to complete their studies successfully, grow to be good human beings and lead happy lives.


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Tips to Solve Problems of School Going Children with Flower Remedies
Children face many mental problems during the course of their schooling. Many of these problems can be solved with Bach Flower Remedies.

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