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What to look for in a school for your child’s admission?

October 07, 2012  by: Sarika  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 2069

This article is a try to list few important tips which might prove to be helpful for parents to decide on a school for their child.


To choose the right school for their child is one of the biggest challenges that parents face every year during school admission time. It is very difficult to decide on a school over another and often parents are confused as to what to do. Here I have tried to make a list of some of the most important points that might prove to be helpful to parents in their decision making process.

Important check list before deciding on a school:

1. Is it a Government school or a private school?

One of the most important things to keep in mind before starting to look for a school for your child is to decide whether you want to go for a government school or a private school. It of course differs from people’s preference, cost factor and other requirements, situations and circumstances.

2. Which board of education it follows?

Most of the schools follow Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) scheme but some of the schools follow the state board and not the central board. It is advisable to decide on a teaching scheme which you want your child to follow and then choose the school accordingly.

3. How far is it from home?

Distance of the school from home is also a very important decisive factor. It is always good if the school is near to home but if it is not possible then of course it is better to choose a good school which is a bit far than to get your child admitted in a sub-standard school.

4. Is there any transportation (bus/van) service organized by the school?

If the school is far from home then it would be advisable to enquire about the transportation facilities organized by the school. Schools mostly organize school buses or school vans. Also make sure that the mode of transportation is safe. It would also be good to meet the bus/van driver before hand and get the information about the bus route, duration of travel and also about the stop-overs between school and your home.

5. Where is the school located?

It is also very important to check for the location of the school. Many times the school’s location is easy to reach for drug dealers or other criminally oriented people and then there are more possibilities of a mishap. Make sure that the school is located in a safe location and it is properly guarded.

6. Are the principal and teachers qualified and experienced?

Before giving the future of your child in the hands of others it is very important to know their abilities and qualifications. It is advisable to enquire about the qualification and experience of both the principal and the teachers of the school you have chosen.

7. Is the school and classrooms equipped for teaching and learning?

Teaching methods have also evolved along with time. Now the advancement of technology has revolutionized the class rooms. Beamers, Projectors, computers and a good sound system completes today’s classrooms. It is also a good idea to check for the spaciousness of the study rooms and also the furnishings. Do not forget to check for the proper ventilation.

8. Are the students taught according to their capabilities?

Every person is unique and has different personalities and capabilities. In special cases where the child is challenged in some way or other make sure that the school authorities have proper arrangements for such special children. Every child has the right on education and it should not be denied for any reason.

9. Is it only a primary school or also a secondary school?

It is also very important to find out if the school is only a primary school or the child can continue the studies and finish (12th grade). It is advisable to choose a good school from the beginning and let your child finish the studies from the same school to avoid un-necessary mental and emotional stress.

10. What is the fees structure and how is it collected?

Of course the cost factor plays a very important decisive role in selecting the school. Make sure that the school is not charging a lot of money as fees. Also check for the so called “donation” at the time of admission and for the other additional expenditure in the name of charity. What is also interesting is to check the mode of payment (cash or cheque) and the fee structure (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly etc.).

11. What is the feedback/impression of other parents about this school?

Talk with other parents whose children are already studying in the school you have chosen. It is a good quality check and also you get a lot of inside information about the strong and weak points of the school and its staff.

12. What are the other facilities available in the school?

Check for the other facilities available in the school for e.g. Canteen, Playground, swimming pool and library etc.

13. What are the possibilities of an overall development of a child?

In this fast changing world it is important to be good in almost everything. Always check for the possibilities of an overall development of your child for e.g. music classes, Art and craft competitions, foreign language teaching, moral values and character development etc.

14. Whether it is a co-education school or not?

If you have special preference for a school like it should be only a boy’s school or a all girl’s school then it is advisable to check whether the school you have opted has a co-ed system or not.

15. Whether the school follows the uniform code and no mobile and other gadgets code?

School uniform plays a very important role in maintaining the discipline in the school. It brings equality and uniformality among the students and helps them to concentrate more on the studies rather than the latest fashion. It is also advisable to ask the school authorities whether they follow no mobile and other gadgets code. Mobile phones and other gadgets are the source for disturbance and are more nuisance than help.

16. Is the school campus hygienic?

School campus should be clean and hygienic. Specially check the toilets as there are many diseases which a child can contract from using the common toilet.

17. Is the environment in the school motivational or depressive?

It is important to check whether the teachers in the school maintain a motivational environment and encourage children to participate in regular and special activities or not. School staff should not criticize and demean children personally or in front of other fellow students. It can have a very long lasting effect on the growing brain and can give rise to many complexes later in life for e.g. inferiority complex and good for nothing feeling etc.

18. Are the students under too much of study pressure?

To study is good and but too much of it is only stress. One can read daily in newspapers that due to study pressure the child was under stress and committed suicide. So it is advisable to check whether the teachers give lot of homework or the child has a lot of things to do and then get no time to relax or not.

19. Does the school promote healthy competition?

Schools should promote healthy competition and should also provide moral support for the students who do not top the class or are not as good as others. Students should learn that no one is a loser but everyone is unique with different and special abilities and capabilities.

20. What is the success rate of the students after passing out from the school?

It is advisable to check for the success rate of the school. Check the school board or ask other parents about how many students have been selected in Engr. Or medical entrance examination tests or how many students have left abroad for higher studies etc.

Author: Mohamadi Quadri        
Posted Date: 10/12/2012    Points:2    

Nice article. Children spend lot of time in school and the future of the child depends on good education. Hence, parents should admit children in good school, where a child can get high-level education and also learn discipline.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 10/13/2012    Points:3    

A very well written and well presented article indeed. Really the points mentioned in the article are very crucial and one needs to take a note of them when considering the consideration of a suitable school for the toddlers. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us and I hope that it would be more than helpful for many. Keep writing..!
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 10/18/2012    Points:2    

Thanks Quadri ji and Ajay ji. I am happy that the article was interesting for you both. I also hope that this article might help people to decide for a school for their children. Thanks for your appreciation as it keeps me going and encourages me to write more.

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