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Defeat the Feet Cancer at an Early Stage

October 07, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 474

People do not hear much about feet cancer. Many ignore even if there are symptoms of feet cancer in them. But it is an equally dangerous disease as cancer in other parts of the body. Any abnormal growth or discoloration in the feet can lead to feet cancer.


Have you ever imagined that there can be cancer growth on the feet? Any abnormal growth or discoloration found in foot can lead to a suspicion that it can be foot cancer. It is a common type of skin cancer found in the foot.

Can cancer affect the feet?

Cancer can affect any part of the body except the dead parts of the body such as hair and fingernails. People who have one type of cancer have the risk of cancer growth on the other parts of the body. The side effects of treatments for one type of cancer can also move it to some other part. Skin cancers of the feet are usually related to viruses, chronic inflammation or irritation inherited traits or reaction of the chemicals. It is unfortunate that skin of the feet is not so cared as the other parts of the body. Even during the routine medical examinations it is overlooked. Hence it is important that the feet should be checked regularly for any abnormal growth or discoloration.

Symptoms of feet cancer

1) Feet cancer is ignored often because it may not cause any pain. Only when it is painful or trouble in some way people look at it. Observing changes in feet is rare.

2) There may be a history of recurrent cracking. Cracking heels is a common foot problem that is generally caused by extremely dry skin. It is also referred as foot fissures. But if it is recurrent and itching, it should be dealt with seriously.

3) There may be occasional bleeding and ulceration.

4) Usually, people discover their skin cancer after unrelated ailments near an affected area.

Common types of feet cancer

1) Basal cell carcinoma

This type of feet cancer is frequently seen on sun-exposed areas. This is one of the aggressive cancer types. Though it rarely spreads, it may cause damage in the affected part of the body. This type of cancer appears like pearly white bumps or patches. There may be oozing if the sore is open. Often this type appears as non-cancerous tumor on the lower part of leg and feet.

2) Squamous cell carcinoma

This is a common type of cancer found on feet. In the early stage this type does not spread and is confined to the skin. But when it reaches an advanced level it spreads throughout the body. Usually, this type begins as a small scaly bump. There may be occasional cracking and bleeding. Sometimes it may also look projecting like a hard callus-like lesion. There may not be any pain but only some itching.

3) Malignant melanoma
This is a deadly type of feet cancer. This has to be diagnosed at the early stage or it may turn fatal. This type may occur on the skin of the feet, especially below the toe nail.

Care of feet is very essential for the health of the body. It should not be neglected in the fast lifestyle of modern days. Self examination and close inspection of feet may be helpful. If there is any suspicion, never hesitate to approach a skin specialist.



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