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The Nun Who Builds Bridges Between Asia and America

October 08, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 500

A Catholic nun is successfully building bridges between Asia and America. Her bridges connect hearts; connect cities; and connects countries. Her inspiring works are strengthening healthy hopes of people of these two continents.


American attack on Vietnam shattered the hopes of Vietnam, separated families and severed communities, leaving them in a desperate condition. Miraculous escape and reunion of Sister Sen Nguyen when she was just a teenage girl has paved way to a miraculous bridging between Vietnam and America. Bridging Hope founded by the Franciscan sister, named Sister Sen Nguyen, is doing wonderful works in building up hope of hundreds of people.

The unexpected separation and the miraculous reunion of Sister Sen Nguyen
The inspiring journey of the Franciscan Sister Sen Nguyen to hope is miraculous.The nun herself is convinced that the incident that lead to her starting Bridging Hope is a real miracle. Her escape from her village when it was bombed by the American army, her reunion with her mom after many months of separation because of the attack and her joining a missionary congregation all seem to the nun a great miracle of divine providence.

The inspiring journey of the Franciscan Sister Sen Nguyen

When Saigon was bombed and collapsed in 1975, people just fell dead near the village where Sen Nguyen lived. She was much distressed by the corpses of children lining the beach in her village. Sen was just 17 years old. But she was courageous enough to cross a bridge to help the dying people on the other side. But when she was there the bridge that connected her village and the city, where she went to help people, was bombed and she could not reach back her village.

Somehow she managed to go back after many days. She found her village completely ruined and her mom, her only relative, was not there. What can a poor teenager do? After many months, she came to know that her mom was alive in the US. Without money or anything in her hand, she reached her mom in Denver.

There she joined a religious congregation and became a nun. When the war between Vietnam and America was stopped in 1991, Nguyen was allowed to travel to Vietnam and reestablish the lost connections. The pitiable plight of her people moved Nguyen. Children were living on streets, begging for food. Young women were forced into prostitution just to survive. This abominable condition led to start Bridging Hope.

What does Bridging Hope do?

Sister Sen Nguyen who is serving in the Franciscan congregation in America is connecting the people of Colorado with the people of Vietnam through her foundation called Bridging Hope. The non-profit projects she has launched along with her advisor John Kane are carrying out wonderful services to build up hope in the minds of Vietnam people.

Bridging Hope provides jobs to the isolated poor women, feeds the abandoned children, arranges adopting Vietnamese children in the US, and helps the Vietnam veterans and their generations to start a life of hope. Bridging Hope creates awareness among the benevolent people of Colorado and with their charity provides assistance to indigent, ill, disadvantaged, and disabled women and children in Vietnam. The net result of these efforts has been to remove the misperception of Vietnamese people that Americans are their enemies. Though the activities are small they are really doing a constructive work.

As Blessed mother Teresa of Kolkata has said, “The fruit of faith is love; the fruit of love is service; and the fruit of service is peace.”
This peace is achieved through the miraculously inspired journey of Sister Sen Nguyen



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