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Dwindling Light of Teaching Profession

October 08, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 652

Is the shining brightness of the teaching profession dwindling in the modern world? World Teachers Day is celebrated internationally on 5 October. Teaching has been considered as the noblest profession. But in the changing modern cultures it is losing its importance and luster.


With a challenging call to the world, “Take a stand for teachers”, UNESCO is celebrating the World Teachers Day 2012 of this year on 5 October. Dedication in the teaching profession, finding good teachers, providing adequate training to teachers to face the modern challenges, meeting with the ongoing technological and professional developments, and protecting the rights of the teachers are great challengers to the modern advanced world.

The noblest profession of teaching

Teaching has been the noblest profession from ancient days. It is a service of dedication. As John Stuart Mill pointed out teaching profession is the noblest since teachers could instill greatness in many who themselves would go on to do good things. A good teacher enlightens the minds of the future generations and builds up an enlightened and elite society. Hence teachers are called the pillars of a nation. In the Indian culture, teachers have been venerated in high esteem and they were considered as the representatives of god on the earth, by respecting them as “Acharya deva bhava” which means the teacher is God.

Teachers in the modern world

It is deplorable that teaching profession has become commercial commodity in some countries, including India. In old culture of India, teachers were not paid, since it was thought that it might degrade their noble profession of selfless service. But today, teachers indulge into unjust ways, just to earn money. Education in India has become job and money oriented. Many educational institutions have become concentration camps in preparing students for high scores in examination which can promise them well-paid jobs.
Misconducts of teachers and clashes between students and teachers are flashed in media every now and then. It is shocking to hear often that a teacher who opens the eye of wisdom plucks out the eye, spoiling the student’s whole future.

Shocking news on the World Teachers Day

Every day media reports about the misconduct of modern teachers are coming out. It is very sad that today( fifth October is the World Teachers Day!) all the news channels have reported that three teachers of New Jersey have been charged for sexual misconduct. The teachers are expected to be exemplary. If they are dark without any light, how can they enlighten the world?

The World Teachers Day is an occasion to protect the glory and nobility of teaching profession. Parents entrust the future of their children in the hands of teachers. Teaching profession is losing its status today. The whole world should work together to lift up the noblest profession of teaching.



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