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Fatigue Can Change Your Decisions

October 09, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 598

Life is based on your decisions. You have to decide which way to choose. But fatigue can change your decisions and the course of your life. Decision at the right time is very important in a successful life. You can avoid your fatigue and make right decisions at the right time.


Your decision is your life. Your decision is your choice. You have to decide in the right way at the right time. Modern fast life is based on your quick decisions. But fatigue hinders your decisions by affecting the nerves in the brain. How to overcome fatigue and make right decisions at the right time?

Decisions in life are important

Your life is directed by the decisions you make. If you cannot make right decisions, how can you move towards your goals of success? Our daily routine of life presents us with hundreds of decisions. Some of them big and many quite small. But you have to decide and choose to act. Your decisions are the turning points of your life. You may be prompted to take the easiest possible decision and hesitate to go by the harder one. Why?

How does fatigue affect your decisions?

The condition of your body and mind play a vital role in your decisions. Yes, fatigue can hit your good decisions and suggest you an easier path. Your feeling of overwhelmed or exhausted makes your decision weak.

Your brains suffers from “mental fatigue,” just as your body becomes physically fatigued and exhausted after working for a long time. You become depressed and angry. You take decisions in a haste. You do not realize that the decisions are affected by your fatigue and can be life-changing. Your attitude to finish the matter somehow goes for bad decisions, not giving much importance to them.

Kathleen Vohs, professor of marketing of the University of Minnesota says, “When you have to make a bunch of decisions, it zaps your mental energy.” It has been proved that judges in court have been shown to make poorer decisions later in the day. Psychologists say that fatigue may lead to consumers making poor choices with their purchases.

Tips to overcome fatigue and enable your right decisions

1) You can take better decisions if your mind is free from fatigue. When your body is fatigued, your mind also automatically becomes fatigued. Dehydration also is one of the causes of poor decisions. When you feel exhausted try to take some energy food or drink that can boost your brain power also.

2) Change your body posture and place for a while so that you may feel fresh. Some stretching exercises can do better. Just a walk for one or two minutes can do some good.

3) Change your mood by enjoying nature for a while or by looking at a picture. You can learn from your own experiences what can refresh your mood.

4) Get the help of some trusted person before you make an important decision. Discussion makes your view clearer.

5) Lack of sleep may affect your decisions. Proper rest helps body and mind. You may take decisions after taking some rest.

6) If you are often fatigued or feel some unexplained fatigue, consult with your doctor so that your poor decisions may not affect your life.

Decisions are unavoidable in life. You have to decide many things. But fatigue of mind and body may lead you to bad decisions. You can avoid fatigue and take better decisions. Do not delay to treat your fatigue. Overcome fatigue and be refreshed to take right decisions.



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