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How Can India Get Freedom from Corruption

October 11, 2012  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: People  Earning $0.70   Views: 992

Anna, Arvind and Ramdev tried to fight corruption in their own way. Their method had glaring limitations.There is another way which can free India from this disease.


In the recent times, Anna Hazare has been in the news for his fasts to compel the Indian Parliament to get his version of Lokpal Bill passed. He generated quite an impressive support in the capital; a support which was multiplied and to some extent magnified by the mass media. He gathered round him many good persons who are known for their sincerity, patriotism, devotion to duty and high moral standard. A yoga guru and godman, Baba Ramdev gathered his followers in Delhi with similar agenda. In spite of such extensive good will their movement against corruption petered out without producing any perceptible result. The movement webbed sooner than a monsoon flood. What a shame, a movement with such great men and women as leaders should die a premature death. Why? There are more than one reasons which weakened the movement. Some of them are enumerated below.
1. Absence of a leader with vision: The movement lacks a leader with vision. Anna was a symbol, not a leader. With all respect to the Gandhian, he was unable to instill a vision into the movement.

2. The attack on the constitutional entities: The leaders of the movement began to attack the Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of Parliament, CBI etc. They forgot on the way that they were fighting corruption, not constitutional entities.

3. Hobnobbing with political leaders: During the course of the movement, political leaders of the opposition parties associated themselves with it. This brought down the credibility and support base of the movement. The opposition parties were taken to be supporting the movement not because they wanted the end of corruption but a free ride on the popular wave.

4. Inability to disassociate from certain “friends”: By associating with certain political parties the movement lost the support of the people who dislike or distrust these parties.

5. Disunity in the team: Some of the colleagues of Anna thought that they could fight corruption by forming a political party. Anna realized it was not a right step. He kept himself away from this development. This brought the division in the team Anna in the open, further weakening the movement.

Then, how should corruption be fought? I express my humble opinions, which may be wrong.
It is a fact that corruption is rampant in India. People, in particular the poor are suffering under this curse. So the people’s enormous support is ever ready and ever present. They need a leader who will channel this support and help the people to get rid of corruption. He will be a spiritual leader who will bring a change in the heart of Indians, a change from greed to detachment, from selfishness to selflessness, from hatred to love for his countrymen. He will bring a revolution in the hearts and minds of Indians. All Indians irrespective of their language, creed and culture will follow him. Indians will walk behind him like they did behind Gandhi against the foreign rule. The new leader will rise above all pettiness. He will teach people a new religion, a religion of patriotism and love for his fellow Indians. Then, a dawn of new freedom will rise, freedom from corruption, corruption in all its forms. He is out there somewhere, in some part of India, learning to lead India into the new freedom. He will be a new Mahatma, a new Buddha, a new Jesus Christ.

Is Arvind Kejriwal the man? I don’t know. With his organization “Pariwartan” (Change) he has brought about small changes. Good work has been done. But, I think he is wasting his energy targeting on persons of Nehru – Gandhi family and facing water cannons on the roads of Delhi. These look like gimmicks to stay in the news. If he really wants to bring change in India let him walk on the footprints of Mahatma Gandhi, go to nooks and corners of India to meet people. Let him bring a revolutionary change in himself like the Saint of Sabarmati, then perhaps he will be able to bring about the change, he is seeking so passionately.


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Blaming to whom!!!
The article is all about the past time of cast division and it consequences''''


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