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Fall is the Pleasant Evening of Seasons

October 11, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Travel & Places    Views: 651

Fall season is the pleasant evening of seasons. It fills our hearts with multi colored memories. Autumn is a season to enjoy and have fun. It is a time of lullaby from Mother Nature. It is nature’s call for a better change in life.


Autumn or fall is the pleasant evening of the four seasons of the year. It is followed by the sleeping night of winter and preceded by the working day time of summer. Spring is the pleasant break of the seasons’ morning.

Evening is the pleasant time of enjoyment

Evening has always been pleasant in nature. The day’s work comes to an end and people return to their houses with pleasant feelings. Birds return to their nests. Bees and insects fill the air with music. Gentle breeze flows with a soothing chill, singing the lullaby of Mother Nature. Fall is also the pleasant evening season of nature promising pleasures. Sure, it invites all to enjoy the pleasant evening of nature.

Do not miss enjoying the pleasant change of fall

Fall is full of changes, in nature and in social life. The sun shines pleasantly, not so hot. There may be occasional showers. Days get shorter and colder increasing your stay-at-home time.

Fall color change is a wonderful experience of the year. Trees change the colors of their leaves step by step. Every leaf changes into a beautiful flower. The leaves turn from green to yellow, brown, orange, and red. At last they fall and tell you a lot of crispy stories.
There are still flowers about and they have their own special beauty. The air changes pleasantly with its increasing chill. People change their clothing, slowly moving into cosy sweaters, hats and gloves.

Fall is the season of thrill and thanksgiving

Fall includes some thrilling festivals such as Picking apples, picking pumpkin and the scary Halloween. Fall is the time of thanksgiving, having feasts and dinners after harvest. It is the time of enjoyment pulling you back from all the summer excitement. It relishes you in contemplation, teaching you through the delicacy of the days.

Fall is the evening time of change

Fall is a pleasant time, calling you for a change, change your moods, change your dress and change your habits that might have misled you. It is time to enjoy your life with your family and friends and foster up harmony in life. Amical friendship leads to the blessings of reconciliation.

Fall is an also apt time of preparation for your last eternal winter sleep. It is also a promising time of Enlightenment and Hope through the encouraging winter festivals. Fall is a gorgeous season, calling you for a change for better life-- not to FALL but to RISE UP in enlightenment!



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