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Papaya fruit impotance

October 12, 2012  by: rai  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 603

PEPSIN is a digestive enzyme which is present in a milk of papaya tree is very helpful for digestion.Other parts of the papaya tree are also rich in PEPSIN.


Botonical name-Carica Papaya
Papaya is source of vitamins.This fruit is richIt caotains vitamin A,B,C
Papaya contains 89.6% water,5%protien,calcium 0.15,PHOSPHORUS 2%,CARBOHYDRATES 9.5%,mineral salts 4%.

Papaya is very useful in many disorders as
1. Stomach problems and indigestion,constipatory problems
2.High blood pressure
3.Lacteting problems
4.mentrual problems
5.Infantile problems
6.As a beautifying agents
7.skin problems

Indigestion-Ripe papaya in breakfast enhances apetite,eliminates indigestion.
Chronic diarrhea can be treated with consumption of boiled raw papaya.Consumption of papaya everyday keep constipation and piles away.Applying raw papaya juice on fistula wounds helps in healing.Ground papaya seeds with water consumption reduces worm problems.

Hypertension-taking ripe papaya daily in your breakfast helps to reduce blood pressure problems.

Lacteting problems-boied vegetables with raw papaya enhances milk for a lacteting mothor,ripe papaya daily also is good for milk formation.

Menstrual problems-Taking papaya powered seeds with water cures menstrual problems.daily intake of riped papya regulates menses.

Infantile problems-Dried powdered seeds of papaya with water,daily half a spoon controls liver and spleen prblems in children.In case of jaundice taking 10 -12 drops of raw papaya juice with sugar candy for 10-15 days helps in curing jaundice.

As a beautifying agents-Applying riped papaya pulp for half an hour reduces freckles and blemishes of face and gives the natural glow to the face.papaya juice application is good to get rid of pimples,too.oral consumption of papaya everyday is also good for a glowing skin.Ring worm,itching can be cured by applying fresh juice of raw papaya on the affected part of the body.
raw papaya juice is helpful in initial stages of localised hair loss (patches of loss of hair with shiny scalp).It helps to stop the furthur hair loss and regrows hair on the affected scalp area.

Tonsilitis-papaya juice mixed water gargling is good for tonsilitis cure.

PEPSIN is a digestive enzyme which is present in a milk of papaya tree is very helpful for digestion.Other parts of the papaya tree are also rich in PEPSIN.


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