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How to choose a career and how to success it

October 13, 2012  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 669

Opting a career is not an easy thing. Before doing that every students has to think about there future. This is an article about how to choose a career and what are the steps are necessary for that. I hope that you will like this article


Choosing a career for future is somewhat a difficult thing because there are plenty of career courses are available and we have to choose one of best of them. It is not an easy thing. Every students has an ambition what he/she has to be in future. But no one knows what are the benefits and risks that had to take for that career. Most of the students want to become an engineers or doctors. But think that this are not only the career courses there are plenty of other courses are available. You are the decision maker of your future plan and not your parents. You have to find what you have interested in and choose that as your career.

For +1 and +2 students i recommend that you have to choose two ambition that is
1) You have to pass the +2 examination with at least 90% grade. It is necessary for your career.
2)You have to decide what your future plan is, without a plan and decision nothing go on your direction.

Before choosing a career you have to find the scoop of getting a job first because now a days most of them are choosing engineering field. And not getting any benefits from that.

*What is the purpose of your career?

I already said that the career which you are interested had to choose not your friends or the decision of your parents or neighbours/family members. Future is yours so you have the right to choose. Never choose a career for earning but interested in doing such jobs. If you are like to teach then you have to choose teaching as your career. The purpose of your career is what you and your children had to be in future.

*What to study and how to study?

Some students are lazy in studies. We can't compare anyone with others. But everyone has brain to think and do so view have the ability to study also. Whenever you study don't copy and paste the notes to your brain. You have to study with an understanding mind. A good thinking student has always has some doubt. Clear doubt with your teacher and with reference text. You have to choose a perfect a time for studying and make a good time table with your daily routines. If you found that you forgetting the portions that you studied then make the important point to a simple keywords to remember.

*What you have to be in future ?

Time will not come back and every seconds has a value. Some children are interested in sports item or in arts that is good. But never let your education backward because of extracurricular activities. You have to keep your talent and education in good way. All the famous sportsmen and artists were well educated also so don't put them as chance of ruining education. Give preference to both of them.

*What parents has to do?

Parents has to give full support for children in the case of education. You have to appreciate them in all the good activities that they are do. Don't scold them for simple activities like if they listen some music for a little time or see a short movie once in a while etc. Parents has to become there childrens best friend.

"Only one life to handle with care "

All the best.


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