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Special hair cuts, coloring tips and hair care tips for the festive season

October 13, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 836

Do you want to know about the different hair cuts which are very much very in trend in the festive season, do you want to know about the different types of hair colors that could enhance the beauty of hair or do you want to find out how to take care of the hair in the festive season? Then this article will guide you properly about the special types of haircuts, coloring tips and how to take care of the same properly.


Just before the festive seasons are on people not only look to makeover their houses but also for themselves. People give special attention to hair and skin, dressing and accessories, home and car decor. People get busy to beautify themselves with a totally different look together with the things around them. Even different types of experiments are also going on with the natural black hair. One may say that this could be because of the influence of silver screens or because of the celebrities. But there is nothing wrong with this since it helps one to look better and present oneself in a more presentable way in front of others. When one talks about beauty hair deserves a special mention. In fact, the type, nature and color of hair play an important role when it comes about enhancing one's overall look. Let us take a look about the hair cuts and hair color styling for men, women and children in this festive occasion.

Haircut for women

During this festive season the trend is long, wavy hair especially among the teenagers. But those who could not maintain long hair because of various problems even they could opt for six point cut, diamond cut, avocado and savvy cut. A six point cutting is a mixture of six types of haircuts. The advantage with this is that one could dress one's hair the way one like. Besides, one could go for any type of hair styling with this type of hair cut. For instance, one could leave the front and knot at the back side of the hair. Sometimes one could puff the front hair and leave the hair at the back as it is. This type of hair cut fashion is fit for both the wavy and straight hair. To cover the two sides of a broader forehead the diamond cut is the ideal one. The characteristic feature of this hair cut is that it is diamond shaped. One could have this hair cut on wavy as well as on straight hair. Avocado shape is such that even after having a cut it does not affect the shape of the hair. Even after the next day of hair cut the shape of the hair remains the same. The style resembles that of the step cut and it looks well on wavy hairs. The good thing is that these three haircuts are suitable any anyone irrespective of any age group. The length would be around the shoulders. Savvy cut suits well up to the age of 30 years and this a very modern hair cut. The characteristic feature is that the hairs at the front remains big in comparison to the hairs on the back side. This cut is suitable for straight hair. Moreover, there is also the long, short, box layers etc.

Hair color

Though there are many colors and it depends on one's personal choice but the blond color is very much in trend these days.

Hair color for hair

If one decides to color the hair full length then one should opt for mix and match. The upper side of the hair would have the dark tone while the inner side would have light tone. If one opts for mix and match then one should go for dark light brown, mahogany, copper blood and copper brown. If one wants to highlight one's hair then one could take a knot of hair from anywhere and color it with red, honey, blood etc. Besides one could also opt for ultra-mode style color which could be done at the base of the hair. Light tone brown, blond, pure red, light copper shade could be used for the purpose. Those who have the maximum gray hair on the head root touch would be suitable for them. Here, the root of the hairs is colored to match those with the remaining hairs. Brown and black shade is used for this purpose.

Haircuts for men

At present men are keeping long hair which is very much in fashion. They are also going for hair straightening and having hair cuts in long, short, spike layers etc. They are also opting for combo mix in which the front hair is long enough to touch the cheeks while the back hair remains as mushroom. This is known as mushroom cut.

Hair cuts for children

Even children remain as enthusiastic as men and women in the festive season and they too want to spice up with fashion following the footsteps of the elders. There are two hair cuts which are very popular now. These are round layer hair cut and fridge hair cut. Fridge cut increases the volume of thin hairs. This cutting is done haphazardly so that the head appears full with hairs. Besides, round layer means full round cutting. This gives a fresh, sweet and trendy look.

Hair care during the festive season

*. During the first 15 days women should regularly oil their hair two hours before applying shampoo.

*. After that wash it with a mild shampoo. If one cannot regularly shampoo their hair he/she could apply at least thrice a week.

*. After doing away with shampoo one should not forget to apply conditioner.

*. Apply home made packs on the scalp at least two days in a week. After half an hour wash it with a shampoo.

*. On the remaining 15 days, besides doing oil messages one should apply a mixture of honey and sour curd regularly on the scalp. After ten minutes it needs to be washed off with a shampoo. Finally, one should apply a good conditioner suitable for the hair.

*. Men should also wash their hair with a mild shampoo. After shampooing a good conditioner should be applied.

*. While applying conditioner care should be taken that it is applied from the middle of the hair to the bottom avoiding the scalp.

*. Men should apply a home made packs once in a week.

Some tips on hair cut on the type of hair and structure of the face

Not every type of hair is suitable for every type of hair cut. Similarly the structure of one's face also plays an important role while opting for a particular type of hair. Here are some important tips on hair cut which are as given below:

*. If the hair is short then one could opt for a creative hair cut.

*. For plain hair one should opt for blunt hair cut and for crooked hair one should opt for step hair cut.

*. For long face one should opt for blunt cut and for round face one should opt for steps.

*. For square shaped face one should opt for a Lux cut with long layers.

*. If the hairs are totally straight then one should go for perming before this festive season begins.


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