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Why Massive Slaughter of Farm Animals this Year?

October 14, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: World News    Views: 753

Killing animals for food is creating records this year. Prevailing drought conditions throughout the world, hike in the prices of cattle feed and shortage of staple food items are pushing the world to a record killing of animals.


Unusual drought of this year, failure of rains, and price increase of food commodities have caused record-high food inflation this year. The situation is growing worse all over the world. This hopeless situation is leading the world to killing of more farm animals.

What has caused food inflation?

There is an unusual hike in the prices of food commodities this year. Almost all parts of the world are affected by this price hike. Wheat, corn, soy and other staple food commodities are facing record-hike in prices.

1) Continuous widespread drought and heat in America, Russia and other parts of the world damaged grain crops across the world and farmers could not get the expected harvest this year.

2) Even in China, pest outbreaks and a strong typhoon in August have caused damage to food crops.

3) In India and other tropical countries, monsoon failure has been an important reason for failure in agriculture and hike in prices.

What leads to massive slaughter of farm animals?

1) Drop in food production and steeper bills of food commodities at the grocery stores are forcing the farmers to abandon their animals some way or other.

2) The farmers who are unable to feed their cattles sell them at cheaper rates to cut down the feed cost and to manage their loss in agriculture.

3) The inclement weather conditions are also not suitable for maintaining the animals in their farms. In order to escape further expenses that may incur on protecting them, the farmers prefer to give them away for slaughtering.

4) Price increase in cattle feed and persistent drought conditions have resulted in mass slaughter of cattle stocks worldwide. Guardian from the UK reports that many farmers are slaughtering their pig and cattle herds early this year since they are unable to afford the rising cost of feed.

5) Scarcity of food grains and slaughter of farm animals may result in lower meat prices for a short period. But that too depends upon the future economic conditions, due to the shortage of farm animals in due course.

6) Replacement of cattle may also take a lot longer time to breed. Feeding and pasturing will face great problems in the nearest years to come.
Massive slaughter of farm animals is a great shock to the economy of the whole world. It may create more repercussions and problems in the years to come.



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Why Massive Slaughter of Farm Animals this Year?
Killing animals for food is creating records this year. Prevailing drought conditions throughout the world, hike in the prices of cattle feed and shortage of staple food items are pushing the world to a record killing of animals.

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